Diary Entry – 07th June 2024

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Welcome to todays diary entry! The plague is still rife, the weird thing is just as you think it going it seem to make its way back and then all of sudden you have a tough day and it feels like you are peak illness again. This holiday cannot come soon enough but i only have one day left tomorrow then i am officially on holiday! And i mean a proper holiday like away from work and not working in the day. I cannot wait. I just need to get myself back to full health ready for when we gte back as it pretty much goes from being low key to wild in the space of 2 weeks.

Once we get back we have one quiet week in work into 4 shows in 5 weekends and this is a our peak show season. The big shows are in July as we have Camper Jam and Dubbed out as well. Then we are away again in August and focus will well and truly be on getting back abroad. I am planning on getting our ferry tickets sorted at the end of this month so as to give us plenty to look forward to in the next few months. I am certain as well that the next few months are going to fly by and before you know we are going to be in the Spanish/ Portuguese/ Moroccan sun in no time what so ever.

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Outside the shop we have some awnings on display and i sold one of them a few weeks back and it has been my responsibility to sort it out as in clean it, Fabsil it and it has been a massive massive job, to be honest in hindsight i wish id have just sold a new one. I have cleaned it today so tomorrow i have the job of trying to pack it all away and get it into its box and get it ready for shipping. It has been a faff but one of those things. To be honest it is the first time i have used Fabsil so at least now i can talk people through it. I just need the rain to hold off so i can pack it away dry.

Something i have been meaning to do but i still have not got round to yet is to dust my little fishing set out and have an hour or so on the river Weaver or on the canal. There is a lot of water near by where i work so should be plenty of opportunity for me to expand on my lure fishing skills ready for the Atlantic coast. My current total fish count is about 4 or 5 fish all form the same spot in Morocco and i would love to try and catch some fish in Spain or Portugal. Obviously including the river Weaver in that as well.

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