Diary Entry – 06th June 2024

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Welcome to todays diary entry! If my motorhome was 400 years ago it would have a big red cross on the door. As the Wee man is poorly he is struggling to sleep which means he keeps waking up and then with that we both wake up. I think from about 3am he woke up about every hour but only for about 30 seconds just enough for us all to wake up. Mum will lean down and give him his dummy and then he settles back down. I was absolutely shattered today probably as tired as i can remember being and it makes it harder to try and get yourself better when you are tired.

On the mend!

He seemed ok in the day but i was in auto pilot and you know Mum is poorly when she is sleeping in the day. I suggested she went for a sleep after she had finished work when the Beef did, but as the Beef slept in until about 09:30 he didn’t get his head down for his afternoon nap until gone 3 so by 15:07 both of them were asleep on the back bed and catching pure ZZZs. I finished work at 5pm but i didn’t dare come in to the Motorhome as they were still both asleep so i sat in the shop until gone nearly 6 before i got a message to say that they were both awake.

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I had the lads from work on the motorhome roof again today and we have found out what the problem is with the solar. It was Gaz who had had a look at it today and he is one of the top dogs here so i felt comforted by the fact it was him up there. Within about 3 or 4 minutes he had diagnosed the problem i had blown a fuse from my solar panel into my set up. Firstly, i didn’t even know there was a fuse on there but secondly it was a 10amp fuse which both Gaz and James said didn’t seem very high at all for 400w solar panels.

So i contacted Renogy this afternoon and had the most peculiar conversation i have ever had. I explained the situation to them and they advised that i probably need a 35amp fuse which is about what the lads worked out so i asked them if they could send me some. To which they replied with we don’t sell them, they only provide 30amp fuses. So they sell something which needs something to work and then they don’t sell it and i just find that so so so odd. So i am currently putting in a complaint with them. It is like selling a car and saying if you are planning on driving then you need wheels, we don’t sell wheels though. Seemed mad to me.

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