Pre Departure Motorhome Checklist

Ah, the anticipation of hitting the open road in your motorhome — it’s like the night before Christmas, but for adults! But hold your horses, or rather, your horsepower. Before you rev up that engine, there’s a bit of prep work to do. That’s where our “Pre Departure Motorhome Checklist” comes into play. This isn’t just a list; it’s your safeguard against those “Oh no, did I leave the gas on?” moments. From essential paperwork to mechanical checks and last-minute interior sweeps, this motorhome departure checklist ensures you’re not just going on a trip—you’re embarking on a well-prepared adventure. Trust us, a few minutes of ticking boxes can save you hours of headaches down the road.

pre departure motorhome checklist

Pre-Trip Preparations

Vehicle Insurance and Documents: Make sure they’re up-to-date and in the glovebox.
First Aid Kit: Stock it up, you never know!
Maps and GPS: Old school or high tech, just don’t get lost.
Emergency Contacts: Written down, not just in your phone.

Mechanical Checks

Tyre Pressures: Including the spare, because flat tyres wait for no one.
Fluid Levels: Oil, water, fuel. Keep ’em topped up!
Brake and Signal Lights: Flash ’em to make sure they’re working.
Wheel Bolts: Torqued to perfection.

Exterior Setup

Corner Steadies: If applicable, make sure they’re raised.
Chocks: Removed, unless you want to go nowhere fast.
External Lockers: Locked. Don’t give thieves an open invitation.
Reversing Camera/Sensor: Clean and functional.
Storage Box: Closed and locked.

Interior Checks

Cupboards and Doors: Locked, so nothing flies around.
Windows and Roof Lights: Closed and secure.
Fridge Door: Locked, because no one likes a milkshake on the floor.
Toilet Cassette: Emptied and cleaned. Trust me on this one.

Utility Checks

Gas: Off at the cylinder.
Mains Cable: Disconnected. You’re going cordless, baby!
Water and Waste Tanks: Drained and empty.
Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Detectors: Tested and working.

Final Touches

TV Aerial: Retracted. You’re about to make your own entertainment!
12V Master Switch: Set to “Car” or “Off.”
Fire Safety: Fire extinguisher and blanket easily accessible.

And there you have it, your motorhome setting off checklist is complete!

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