Caravanning With A Baby – Essentials For An Easy Caravan Life!

These are the essentials we bought to make caravan life with baby easy!

When we first found out I was expecting our immediate thoughts turned to what we would need to buy to keep on caravanning with a baby in tow. We treat the caravan as a home away from home so it was important we had all the newborn essentials on hand to make caravan life with a baby super easy!

Read on to find out what made it onto our essential caravanning baby must haves!

Where Will My Baby Sleep In The Caravan?

This was the biggest “challenge” we had as we have an Island Bed and space is very limited on each side! Through various FB groups and online forums we were able to get quite a few suggestions. We settled on a skinny ironing board which fits down my side perfectly and adjusts to the same height of the bed.

We then placed a cute moses basket on top of this! It’s the perfect solution as we wanted baby to sleep beside us in the caravan especially when he was a newborn. We never need to worry about him getting cold, I went a bit OTT with the baby bedding and cute baby sleeping bags.

He got to stay in the caravan from 18 days old. It would have been sooner if not for the fact he turned up nearly 7 weeks early and had to spend a little time in Intensive Care. Rich did a video on our ordeal which you can watch here. When Rory gets too big for the moses basket we will move on to using the front sofa as a bed.

For the awning we have a Joie Kubbie Bassinet travel cot – this doubles as a safe space for Rory to be when I’m getting caravan jobs done and for day time naps when I’m spending time in the awning.

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Feeding Time

I had tried to breastfeed but due to the trauma my body was not producing the volume of milk Rory needed! It’s been 20 years since I had to worry about making up bottles, and I’m pleased to report on some big advances on this front. We have got a Tommee Tippee Perfect Prep machine and it literally makes a bottle in the same time you can quickly do a nappy change. No more making up 6 bottles and forgetting halfway through how many scoops of powder you just put in the bottle. Total game changer.

We also have a Tommee Tippee Steriliser and some convenient microwave sterilising bags. These muslin cloths are a fab addition to feeding time, protects you and wee one from little milk mishaps!

Nappy Changes

Space being at a premium in the caravan we couldn’t have a traditional baby changing station in the van. I wanted to have a super comfy changing mat and a handy storage basket, for the usual nappy bits. This Winnie The Pooh changing mat is super thick. It’s the perfect size for tucking on the front sofa wedged against the middle table. This super cute storage caddy holds everything you could possibly need at changing time in the caravan. Both conveniently stow away under the front sofa when not in use. Although space is at a premium, I highly recommend the Tommee Tippee Twist and Click Advanced Nappy Bin Starter Set. This gadget holds nearly 30 nappies and ZERO smells escape. I’m impressed!

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Baby Playtime In The Caravan

It will be here before we know it and Rory will be rolling around, crawling and sitting up! We’ve already thought about the activity mats and baby bouncer chairs that Rory can use. Right now Rory’s favourite game is getting whooshed through the air to a “leg and a wing”. Ok that’s my favourite game lol. He also has a selection of black and white baby booksgreat for brain growth and faster visual development.

Baby Bath Time In The Caravan

Baby bath time in the caravan is really simple right now, a little head shampoo over the sink and wee dunk in it afterwards. I have a great selection of fluffy baby towels to hand and I bump the heating up a few notches beforehand. There’s a family room onsite too which will be great when he get’s a little bit bigger. They have a baby bath in there and a power shower! I’m looking forward to getting a shot of that 😄

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Out and About With Baby

The last to get a mention is the awesome changing bag we have. It holds everything you could need for a day out and then some!

Our baby changing bag has space for everything you could possibly need!

What I Keep In Our Baby Changing Bag!

There you have it, the essentials we bought to make caravan life with a baby easy! Is there anything you have that’s a game changer? Or what about things you have bought that is just gathering dust? 🙈😊 Let me know in the comments xx Lisa

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2 thoughts on “Caravanning With A Baby – Essentials For An Easy Caravan Life!”

  1. Our best buys for a small baby in a 2 berth campervan ( we didnt think she was going to come along so bought a 2 berth just before our happy news) were a pop up small travel cot so she shared the bed with us in that and a travel bouncy chair plus a bumbo seat. Plus an out and about 3 wheel off road pushchair which was the best ever purchase. Wishing you lots of happy trips together.

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