The Best Motorhome Awning Accessories

We are checking out some of the best motorhome awning accessories that are sure to elevate your outdoor in living space. Gone are the days when awnings were just glorified umbrellas.

With the right motorhome awning accessories, you can transform your awning into a luxurious extension of your motorhome. From twinkling fairy lights to funky outdoor rugs, we’ve got the lowdown on all the bits and bobs that’ll make your neighbours at the campsite green with envy.

So, if you’re ready to turn your awning from drab to fab, stick with us and let the awning envy begin!

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best motorhome awning accessories

Light Up Your Life (and Your Awning)

Let’s kick things off with a bang—or should I say, a twinkle? No one likes stumbling around in the dark, especially when you’re trying to find that last can of beans. So, why not jazz up your awning with some snazzy lighting? Regardless of the motorhome awning you have, there are lighting kits that can be easily attached.

motorhome awning lights
Outdoor Revolution Lumi-Link

Top Buys for Lighting:

  • Kampa Sabre Link 150 Starter Kit: Perfect for Kampa awnings but versatile enough for others.
  • Outdoor Revolution Lumi-Link: Universal awning lights, this lighting kit is a game-changer with varying levels of brightness.
  • Solar-Powered Fairy Lights: Eco-friendly and just as twinkly, these are great for any awning.

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The Floor is Lava (Just Kidding, It’s Comfy)

Alright, let’s talk groundsheets and mats. These bad boys are the unsung heroes of any motorhome setup. Not only do they keep your tootsies dry, but they can also add a layer of comfort between you and the not-so-comfy ground. For an extra touch of luxury, check out Outdoor Revolution Easy Lock Floor Tiles. They’re like the yoga mats of the motorhome awning accessories world—breathable, comfy, and easy to adjust.

Top Buys for Flooring:

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Pro Tip Alert

🚨 When you’re on a hardstanding pitch, slide a tarp under your motorhome awning groundsheet. It keeps your groundsheet pristine, hoses down in a jiffy, and saves you the dosh of buying a second groundsheet. Now that’s camping with flair!

motorhome awning carpet
Kampa Continental Carpet

Motorhome Awning Accessories Red Carpet Drumroll

Once you’ve got your floor sorted, why not add a bit of pizzazz with an awning carpet? These aren’t just any old rugs; they’re designed to fit your awning like a glove. Plus, they offer added insulation and a non-slip surface. It’s like turning your awning into a cosy living room, minus the TV (unless you bring one, of course).

Top Tips for Motorhome Awning Carpets:

  • Awning Carpet: Get one that fits your specific awning model for a snug fit.
  • Shaggy Rug: For those chilly nights, a shaggy rug is a must (we had IKEA one’s in our caravan awning!)
  • Patio Mat: Because obviously home is where you park it.

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Room for More? Add an Annex!

Feeling a bit cramped? Maybe you’ve got a new fur baby or your “little campers” aren’t so little anymore. Instead of splurging on a bigger awning, consider adding an awning annex to your existing one. It’s like a room extension but for your motorhome. Use it for extra sleeping space, storage, or even a secret hideaway for midnight snacks. The possibilities are endless!

Types of Motorhome Awning Annex:

  • Zip-On Awning Annex: Make sure it’s compatible with your current awning.
  • Free-Standing Bedroom Inner: For guest campers or just extra storage.
  • Some annex’s have an optional partition wall!
awning annex partition wall
Isabella Awning Annex Partition Wall

Furniture That’s More Than Just Functional

Last but not least, let’s talk furniture. And no, we’re not talking about dragging your grandma’s old armchair into the awning. There are tons of motorhome-friendly furniture options out there, from plush chairs to versatile tables. Want to host an outdoor movie night? Grab some comfy chairs and a motorhome table, and you’re good to go!

Motorhome Awning Furniture must haves:

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isabella side buddy
Inside Out Dining With The Isabella Buddy Side Panel Set

Feast Like a King or Queen

If you’re more into fine dining than movie nights, why not turn your awning into a dining room? Get a table that fits your crew and some stylish tableware to serve up a feast. And don’t forget a cool box for those refreshing bevvies!

Cool Dining & Entertaining Buys:

  • Ice Making Machine: A touch of luxury? Absolutely! But let’s be honest, who fancies a lukewarm bevvy when you can sip in style?
  • Stylish Melamine Dinnerware Set: Dine in motorhome luxury with a set that’s as chic as it is practical. Who said on the road dining can’t be posh?
  • Cool Box with Power: Aka, 12v Portable Fridge to keep those drinks chilled and easily accessible.

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Motorhome Awning Accessory Essentials:

Alright, let’s get real for a sec. We’ve talked about the glitz and the glam, but what about the nuts and bolts—or should I say, pegs and straps? These little fellas might not be the life of the party, but they sure do keep the party going, come rain or shine.

The Boring Bits: Pegs, Storm Straps, and Other Unsung Heroes:

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The Final Word on Motorhome Awning Accessories

And that’s a wrap! From the motorhome awning essentials like pegs and storm straps to the luxuries like carpets and lighting, it’s all about balance. Your motorhome awning is now ready to be the star of any campsite, come rain or shine. So pack up, hit the road, and let the adventures begin! 🌟🛣️

We hope you find this guide as fun to read as it was to write! Happy travels and even happier shopping! 🛒🌍✌️

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