Motorhome Awning Brands

The Ultimate Guide to Motorhome Awning Brands: Your Shelter Sorted!

So you’ve got the motorhome, but what about that slice of shade or that extra room for your wellies? That’s where awnings come in, my friends! Let’s dive into the motorhome awning brands that’ll make your motorhome feel like a five-star resort on wheels.

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The Motorhome Awning Brands Lowdown: What You Need to Know

Choosing an awning brand is like choosing a travel buddypick a good one, and you’re in for a smooth ride!

Consider your budget, the type of awning you fancy (inflatable or poled), and what you’ll be using it for. Weekend warrior or long-haul hero?

We’ve got a selection of top picks from each manufacturer, with a cheeky A&E Leisure Voucher Code just for you. Use code OVWEB05 on any order over £200.

Each brand has its own special sauce, so let’s find your perfect match.

Motorhome Awning Brand 1: Outdoor Revolution: The Yorkshire Innovators

motorhome awning brands

Imagine sipping a cuppa under an awning that sets up faster than you can say ‘Yorkshire Tea.’ That’s Outdoor Revolution for you! Hailing from West Yorkshire, these folks are all about that classic British spirit with a dash of innovation. They’re not just in the awning game; they’re in the memory-making business.

Outdoor Revolution Top Pick

The Rolls Royce of Driveaway Awnings
Read our Movelite T4E High Motorhome Awning Review

T4E driveaway awning

Dometic: Your Silent Road Companion

best motorhome awning brands

From the serene English countryside to the rugged Scottish Highlands, Dometic has been there, done that, and got the awning to prove it. With a legacy spanning over 100 years, they’re the Gandalf of the motorhome world—wise, reliable, and always up for an adventure.

Dometic (Kampa) Top Pick

A Driveway Awning You Can Use in All Weather
Read our Dometic Rally AIR All-Season 330 DA Review

Dometic rally air all season review

Isabella: The Camping King & Queen

Picture this: It’s 1957, and Søren Odgaard is in his basement, stitching the dream that would become Isabella. Fast forward to today, and they’re the go-to brand for campers who want a bit of Danish design & luxury in their outdoor life. Whether you’re an Isabella newbie or a die-hard fan, they’ve got something to make your camping dreams come true.

Isabella Top Pick

A Luxury Fixed Porch Motorhome Awning
Read our Isabella Air Cirrus North 400 review

Isabella Air Cirrus North 400

Camptech: Quality Meets Affordability

motorhome awning

If you’re after an awning that won’t make your wallet cry, Camptech is your brand. They’re the Robin Hood of the awning world—delivering top-notch quality without robbing you blind. Check out their Starline elite for a taste of what they offer. Camptech Starline Elite

Camptech Top Pick

Great Value Lightweight Porch Motorhome Awning
Read our Camptech Starline 390 review

Camptech Starline 390

Dorema: The A-Listers of Awnings

Dorema is like the Meryl Streep of awnings—talented, stylish, and always on point. With over three decades in the biz, they know a thing or two about making your outdoor digs look fabulous. As they say, “Your holiday starts here!” So why not start it with a Dorema?

Dorema Top Pick

Funky Freestanding Motorhome Awning
Read our Starcamp Discovery Air High Review

starcamp discovery air high

Vango: The Scottish Trailblazers

Setting up camp since 1966, Vango is the brand that brings a bit of Scottish flair to your outdoor adventures. They’re not just about pitching tents; they’re about pitching dreams. With their pioneering AirBeam® technology, setting up your awning is as easy as pie.

Vango Top Pick

A Spacious & Versatile Driveway Awning
Read our Vango Galli III Tall review

Driveaway awning motorhome
The Vango Galli III Tall Driveaway Motorhome Awning
Ready to Make Your Pick?
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So there you have it, folks! Your guide to picking the perfect awning for your motorhome adventures. Ready to make a choice? Don’t forget each awning has a cheeky A&E Leisure discount code we mentioned so let’s get your motorhome kitted out for the open road! Send us a DM and we’ll make sure you get the best motorhome awning for your needs, along with that discount code for A&E Leisure.

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