Should I Cover My Caravan In Winter?

As the caravanning season starts its annual seasonal wind down, you may want to start thinking about storing your caravan for the winter.

Is it a necessity to get a caravan cover?

Are caravan covers worth the money or not?

In theory a caravan cover should protect your caravan from all sorts of winter nasties like rain, dirt, sap, bird shite, UV damage and other wear and tear to the body work of the van. They also carry a bit of stigma around whether they cause damp and can be a pain to fit to your van.

The issue with the causing of the damp can be combatted if the caravan cover is breathable and will allow the moisture and the condensation get from the inside but also to be waterproof to stop any moisture getting through. There is a difference between water proof and water resistant. Water resistant may let water through if it is heavy.

How do I know I have got the right Cover?

When you take the leap and decide to get a caravan cover, SIZE MATTERS!! Get a tape measure and measure the length of the body of your caravan. It is important to make sure that you include the gas locker in your measurement but not the A frame.

You can buy covers that are already made and will come in generic sizes and not specific to models etc. They normally have some form of tightening mechanism like elastic that you tighten underneath the caravan. If you caravan is on the border between two different sizes my advice would always be to go for the smaller one. It is always better to have something that has a tight fit rather than something that is baggy and will flap in the wind etc. This can lead to tearing and rips etc defeating the object of said caravan cover.

You can get covers that are designed for specific caravans and caravan models. With them still being somewhat generic then there is always the scope of that they wouldn’t fit in line with your roof lights.

The remaining option and the one I always recommend to people is to get a made to measure cover for your caravan. Now understandably they will be more expensive but with the average price of a caravan now being over £25000 this investment will assist in the holding of the value of your prize possession. There is a company based in Yorkshire called Pro Tec covers who are a company with whom are held extremely high regards within the industry.

should i cover my caravan in winter?
Protec Custom Made To Measure Caravan Covers

What would a Caravan cover set me back?

The prices  of covers can vary wildly dependant on what we discussed earlier, IE is it a universal one or a custom made one. The price for generic ones can be around £130+ compared the the top of the range Pro Tec cover which could cost in the region of £500 depending on the size of your caravan. In my opinion I would recommend the custom made ones as I have found historically that they are easier to fit and made from a higher quality material. Which then tends to mean better breathability, better durability and a greater level of water resistance.

How can I look after my Caravan cover?

  • It is always better to make sure your caravan has had a good wash before applying your cover. The last thing you want is for dirt, grit or little stones scratching your caravan
  • At the end of the season you wash your cover using just warm water and a soft sponge. I would refrain from using soaps and detergents as this can hinder the performance of the material
  • When leaving your caravan for long periods of time in storage I would make a point of checking your caravan and its cover at least once a month

The Conclusion

In my opinion a good quality caravan cover is an absolute essential. I would make sure that if your budget for a caravan cover is £150, I would be spending at least £149.99 and spending as much of your budget as possible. Like I mentioned previously the average sale value of a caravan currently is £25,000. If I said to you that you can protect a £25k asset and add years onto its life and keep the value of that asset high for just £300 I am sure you would bite my hand off. Even if it is not within your budget to go top top end. Spend as much as your budget will allow.


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