Diary Entry – 05th September 2023

We were only talking today about how quick time is going and i was wondering whether it was going quick for everyone. We have been on this site now for almost 10 days and cannot think for the life of me where it has gone. Tomorrow is Wednesday and then it is the weekend and the whole thing starts again. It is mad how quick it is going. We are here for another 3 weeks, well just over so still plenty of time to go.

At least we are in a nice bit of a weather system and should be nice until the back end of next week. I do love this part of France but, and it is a HUGE but… i just hate flies, wasps, mosquitos and other generic bugs. I am not sure whether it is something to do with the trees or the lake nearby but there are stingy, biting things everywhere. There is a urinal on site and the spiders in there is enough to cause you panic attacks.

We are just getting into a nice little routine now the 3 of us. Lisa is starting some work hours soon as well so should will need some regimented routines etc. I work 2 lates and 3 earlies a week so still getting plenty of time together. The Beef always has someone there he can ga ga ga ga ga at. The pool is open right until the end of the month as well so all facilities are working the only thing that has finished is kids club but that was only in French anyway.

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