Diary Entry – 2nd December 2022

Still waiting on the mortgage money which is ultra-frustrating, finding it hard to be able to look forward to the trip whilst this hangs over us. But it is what it is, no sign of any complications so just assuming that everything is sorted out. Had an email from Cofton advising me that my £100 refund will be processed, it is so frustrating that whole thing is because I love the site but the way the staff have dealt with our issue has been shit. But never mind, that is booked now and we have a week planned in Devon before we set off, it always makes me laugh in my head when I think about our road trip and I always talk about my want to visit the obscure places like Armenia, Georgia, Bosnia and Kosovo etc and then our trip starts in the very obscure…….. Devon.

He has had his 2nd set of vaccinations now and his last set are due on the 30th December and then he is done. So that is sorted, but we have loads and loads to sort out. We also have an appointment to sort out the shelving in the camper and getting some extra storage and things as we don’t have a lot currently. In fact, I am going to text Rog now and tell him that I am not coming back after Friday, I will type the message on here before I send it to him. Here goes:

“Hey gaffer, Been speaking to Lisa and I will have my last day as Friday next week, that gives me a couple of weeks to try and raise as much money for the trip as possible, we have spoken to the Caravan and Motorhome club and they are looking to publish our trip via a monthly blog and some other content. I am going to try and market it as much as possible before we go on the 2nd January. We can sort out anything we need to do tomorrow. As I said yesterday mate, I have loved working there, loved working for you and have tons and tons of respect for you. See you tomorrow mate.”

There we go, sent it, on Whatsapp, LIVE!!

That is one of things off my list now, I am going to try and plan as much of January as I can tonight so I have an idea of where we are going etc.

A relatively productive day but I am mindful that I want to get as much exposure as possible and that along with marketing needs to be our focus at the moment.

PS The caravan is freezing.

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