Diary Entry – 08th June 2024

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Welcome to todays diary entry! That is it! That is me done now! A proper proper holiday is on the horizon! I have not finished all my jobs that need to be done at work but i can do them in my own time, at my own pace, and when i am ready. I have to pack away the demo awning from outside and i also have another awning i want to put away from the inside of the shop. Although i will do them tomorrow but boy am i glad to be done. I will probably not spend much time now in the shop itself until mid August as i will doing show stuff mainly, packing away and repacking dependent on which show it is for.

After we diagnosed the problem with my solar panels the other day i had to order some more fuses due to the Renogy debacle but they were delivered today with some new toys for the Beef and some…………… RUNNING TRAINERS!! I am going to try and do some running next week whislt i am away on a treadmill because i really want to lose some weight before we go back abroad and with me trying to reduce my beverage levels as well i am giving myself the best chance to do it.

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Gaz went up on the top of the motorhome and refitted the fuse and then just like the the solar panels were working again so we cooked some food in the air fryer just to try and break the solar panels again so we can try and see if it is a recurring thing or just a one off thing with that 10amp fuse. But we have had the air fryer on now for about 30 minutes and the batteries are being charged by the solar panels and nothing seems ot be broken yet we just need some proper sun light now to test solar panels.

But as it stands everything is all good and i am actually feeling really positive at the moment and the motorhome seems to be doing ok, well apart from the big extractor fan at the back but i have ordered a new one and i would like to get a new one in the bathroom as well as that looks a bit battered. Apart from those couple of thigns, oh and a new shower curtain or a new shower folding door as ours is currently held together with Gorilla tape. That has held it together for about a month already, some stuff that is. But apart from that everything (touch wood) is running smoothly and everything in the world is doing good.

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