Diary Entry – 06th November 2023

Today marks the start of a new regime I am going (like I keep threatening to) use my time here in Morocco to try and get as fit and healthy as i can. My plan is to try and lose a couple of stone before we head back into Europe next year. I weighed myself last Monday and thought to myself let me see if I can lose some weight by just being mindful of what i eat and somehow managed to get to 17st 7lb from 17st 3lb? How can that be? I put on 4lb by being mindful of what I am eating?

My problem here is that i like salty and salty foods, alchohol, pizza and pretty much everything that is bad for you i love. I dont drink enough water and drink fizzy pop like it is going out of fashion. My plan is run 5k a day, starting off by running a bit and walking a bit to get me up to speed and then start to try and get below 30 min for 5K. Maybe even get towards 10k by the end of January or February. My hope is that by putting it on here and making myself accoutable then it should force me to do it.

I started the day in the right way with a 5k run/ walk and ran a bit but i definitely could have ran more. I think i did it in 44 minutes which is 8 minute 22kms so i still have plenty of work to do to get that down. I am also trying to drink 5 litres of water a day and not to have the fizzy pop, but i must confess i had half a can of Pepsi but still probably 8 cans less than i would drink in a day normally. I reckon i did 4 litres of water or at least 3.5 litres so keep my fluids up and tried to eat so much. It is going to be hard because i just love food. I am focussed though and certainly want to try and get below 16 stone as soon as possible.

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