Diary Entry – 05th November 2023

How is it Monday tomorrow? I cannot believe it, i really cannot. Honestly it breaks my heart. The weather has been so nice this weekend and the forecast again moving forward is just brilliant so the thought of spending 9 hours working and not being in the sun pains me. It is what it is though and it is that work that allows us to do what we do. Thing have been a miss here though and we think something peculiar has been going on.

We had not seen Boris for about 36 hours up until this evening and we know that there is a stray dog on the camp site. The owners seem less worried about stray cats and they do seem relatively eager to remove this dog. The owners the other day were chasing the dog around the site in a golf buggy to try and keep it out. We don’t really know how it got on site because the entrances are guarded at all times. So, anyway, this was happening and for the whole of the day we had not seen a single cat. Not, the ones we had become familiar with.

So as you can imagine we were wondering what was going on, i was thinking the worst. I thought what have the owners done, then i was wondering if they did the same thing every year ready for the new season. I wanted to take a walk up to the top of the to get another Rotisserie chicken but this time got some chicken wings and some other stuff and oh my god it is good. I thought if we go to the top the cats may have hidden from the owners and would only come out at night so we bought some more cat food and thought we will put it out at night and if something eats it we will carry. A bit like an Anne Franks Diary but for Cats. The couple that we went for some drinks said they may have seen Boris as well, that was a fresh lead so after getting cat food we headed on down to the bottom of the campsite. Low and behold there was Boris, as right as rain, he followed us back to the Moho and he was a little down the street so i shook the box of cat biscuits and low and behold every cat and his dog appeared. I had basically in my mind assumed that the owners had culled all the strays but no, they were all about just carrying on without a care in the world.

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