Diary Entry – 07th November 2023

Another day another walk! I posted earlier that i walked 10k on Saturday with the Beef and my legs were absolutely fine but after those intermittent bits of running i was doing yesterday my legs were sore this morning so being able to use the Beef as an excuse to not run was welcome. To be fair i slept crap we are still in the midst of this first battle with sleep regression and he is pretty much waking up every hour or so. Some mornings he wakes at 4am and will just had a mad hour, literally an hour then go back to sleep but i have always been an early riser so by the time it gets to 5am im not far off being ready to get up anyway. That 4am battle is the worst possible time to be battling for me.

Made even worse by the worst wind i have ever heard in Agadir and the worse thing is it was not even in the forecast it literally came from no where so i was really lucky that i didn’t put my sun canopy out else it would have been gone. Which would have been a nightmare. I popped up to the main reception to see the owner and make plans for extending my visa for an additional 3 months. He makes it sound so easy. I will do a video for it and a blog post because not many people know that you can do it. Online it says that you can go to a police station within 14 days to do it but i want to avoid Moroccan Police stations at all costs if i can help it.

When we were in Morocco in March we spent a few nights for my birthday in an all inclusive hotel just by Marrakesh and we are thinking about doing that the week before Christmas and instead of buying each other Christmas present just pay to go in a hotel for a few nights. It worked out so cheap, for the 3 of us for a week all in i think it was about £500 or something like that so we may do that the week before Christmas then come back to the Moho on Christmas eve and order a chicken etc ready for Christmas day. I think the Beef will just be a bit too young to understand Christmas yet but this time next year will be amazing. Just think where we want to be next year and to be honest i wouldn’t mind coming here for 6 months again next year and if money allows fly back for a few days over Xmas to see family.

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