Diary Entry – 26th November 2023

Had a really surprising amazing day out today. It was one of those days that sort of came form no where really. When we were here in March, April and May this year we knew some people who had been to Croco Park and they said it was ok but me and Mum were absolutely over the moon with it. It cost 170dhms for us all to get in which is the equivalent of £14.20 to get into the par itself. We hadn’t had any dinner so that was the first stop was to get something to eat. The food, again, was absolutely fantastic. We have been to places in the UK where the food is overpriced crap but we had burgers and a pizza between us and it was lovely. The burgers especially was probably the nicest burger i have had at any point in Morocco.

To explain, Croco is very much what it says on the tin. It is a large walk over and around several small lakes/ ponds with a lot of Crocs in them. Initially when we first walked to look at the lake i said to Lisa “there are some fakes ones here” and pointed some out as they didn’t look real, they looked faded and with there mouth open. They started moving throughout the walk and i then came to realise that they were all real. Every single one. Me and Mum are a bit geeky so to be able to watch them getting in and out of the water and to see them sneaking about and coming up through the water or skulking into the deep was really cool.

Part way round there is like a mini jungle with loads of trees from different parts of the world which leads you up to a little area where they have some tiny monkeys. We stood there for ages they were not much bigger than fist size and Mum was trying to work out whether you could adopt them or get one as a pet. As you walked further there was just surprise after surprise and they almost just seemed to come from no where. We walked through a gate and then there was iguanas literally everywhere as we were in the cactus field and the more you looked at the cactus and the surrounding area you could see more and more iguanas of all shapes and sizes.

This part reminded me a little bit of Trentham Monkey Forest but with Iguanas. It was something that we just thought it would be nice to do but it ended up turning into the best day out we have had in Morocco. It was honestly, amazing.

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