Diary Entry – 25th November 2023

I always enjoy waking up on a Saturday feeling fresh given my many many many MANY times waking and being ill and hungover. To be honest i cannot remember the last time i was really hungover thank goodness. That for me is one of the many many good things about Morocco is that because you cannot nip somewhere to have a beverage or 2 it definitely realigns your evenings. I think since we have been here i have probably drank twice i think so that in over 4 weeks is very good going. I have been known in the past for being a big fan of a beer.

I went for a longer walk today i was planning on doing 10k but i got to 7k in the end. I wanted to get back for the Stoke game which started at 4pm our time and to be honest i wished id have kept on walking as we are absolutely garbage sometimes. The problem with being a Stoke fan is that keep finding unique ways to let me down. They will o 3 or 4 games unbeaten and win a few then go and lose the next 3. Then they win 3 on the trot and you think this is it, but it isn’t because they then go and lose 4 on the bounce.

We are on the precipice of having a real life genuine toddler, he is getting so steady on his feet and i think it is only a matter of days until he is off. If there is one thing about being in the work situation at the moment at least i can start teaching him how to play football the moment he is on his feet. Even if it is for a few weeks be nice to able to spend this moment with him. I want to start walking him on the beach when he is old and when i go on my morning walk even if it is only a few hundred metres being able to do that in a morning will be incredible.

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