Diary Entry – 11th June 2024

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Welcome to todays diary entry! A real tough day today, the Beef is still not feeling great so he was up at about 5am for 2 reasons to be honest, well probably 3 to be honest. The first being he is probably still not feeling himself from this bug that has hurricaned its way through the motorhome, the second being the static lets quite a bit of light in in the morning. One thing about that motorhome is that is is pretty dark with the cover on and the curtains drawn and blinds up. This static after about 5am is like Blackpool illuminations.

12 Months Ago Today

You know when he isn’t quite himself because he is off his food and especially his milk which explains number 3. He woke up this morning and pumped a belter three times and then obviously needed a number 2 but he was the most constipated i have ever seen him be and by the time he had done his work he definitely seemed much better. So he slept from about 6am until 09:30 whilst me and his Mum were literally dead on our feet. So we had taken him on a walk to try and blow the cobwebs away with a walk and to make our way to the park to let him have a kick about for 20 minutes.

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It is no secret that i am a raging geek and there isn’t many things i like more than walking around and having a little look at what leisure vehicles people have a look at what awnings they have. SO we walked up and down pretty much every row of the seasonal sections here and round the grass camping fields. I have really enjoyed learning about tents at the moment. You heard it here first! Tents are making a come back and are going to be the next big thing (again). There are really becoming popular again especially seeing as though some of them are absolutely massive. As always, if you are interested in a big tent we do them at A and E so i can get you good deals on them.

We literally got back to the caravan about 1pm and we didnt move from the caravan again after that. I had a sleep, Mum had a sleep, my Mum had a sleep, Beef had a sleep. By the time all that was done we put Wonka on the TV and watched that until we it was an acceptable time for us all to go to bed. I am hoping that with a quiet day today that i can finally shift this illness once and for all. Mum still sounds like Rod Stewart but hoping that in the next day or so we can all get over it.

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