Diary Entry – 10th June 2024

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Welcome to todays diary entry! It is finally here holiday day! This time it is as a 4. Me, Mum, my Mum and the Beef and we are going to!!!…….. Cofton. It is no secret that me and Cofton share a bit of a love hate relationship. As in i want to love and there are parts of me that do love it and will always love it and it will always hold a special place in mine and my family’s heart for the years and times that we have been here. Although the last few times my love is being eroded by poor standards of people and by poor interactions with staff and a total inability to do something even slightly out of the normal.

The View…

Let me start from the beginning of the day, i had dubbed this Coftons last chance with me and if there was anything that really annoys me again i will call it a day here and find a new place where we can come in the summer and have a great time. We woke up this morning in a place called Church Lawton right by the canal as we did a Brit Stop and went some food. I wanted to try and get as close to my Mum as possible but without being there as we were still a little bit poorly so wanted to try and keep away for as long as possible.

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We woke around 7am and with a small pack down we were on the way and got to my Mums for about 08:00, just in time to see my nephews there before school. It was like Crewe station as my Nan was there already as well. She was in charge of me Mums dog whilst we were away. Everyone wasn’t due to arrive until after 9am so we thought we would get there early to get decent parking. Alas, we got there and everyone was already there. The kids walk to school now so it was just a case of waiting for the Asda shopping to arrive so we could load the Moho up and be on our way.

By the time we picked up a wheel chair from the Dougie Mac we were on the M5 for about 11am so was pretty much exactly what time i wanted to be on the way. The journey in itself isn’t too bad, most of it is sitting on the M5 from Birmingham down to J30 after Exeter. There was a little bit of traffic by Bristol but we made it in a little over 4 hours which in the Moho isnt too bad at all. In a car it takes about 3.5 hours so i was chuffed with 4 hours. Not a single stop either.

Cofton got off to the worst possible start that it could. Bear in mind i always go on about inflexibility. In a nutshell we decided that i would treat us to as meal at Amelia’s pantry and after looking at the menu we all chose what we were having, my Mum had opted for a Jacket Potato from the light bites section of the menu. That stops being served at 5pm, i was being served at 05:03 and they tried to tell me that i couldn’t have a jacket potato. I had been in the queue for 5 minutes. After a few minutes backwards and forwards he said he would go and check for me. In the end they did do my Mum one and i understand if it was 05:10 or something like that but it was 3 minutes after 5. 180 seconds….. It is not looking good for Cofton.

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