Diary Entry – 03rd April 2024

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Welcome to todays diary entry! So the big countdown numbers are as follows 9 nights until we leave this campsite and have 2 days to make it to Santander. That means that in 11 nights we will be on the ferry and in 12 nights we will be in Dawlish Warren. Instinctively our sights have moved to stuff we need to do when we get back to the UK. We have talked loads about getting the solar upgraded on our Moho with 4 x 100w solar panels, 2 lithium batteries and an inverter. We just cannot imagine a world of not being able to use our air fryer ha ha ha.

diary entry
Our buggered shower tray!

One of the things we didn’t notice when we picked up our motorhome we didn’t notice that the shower tray was knackered so everywhere we have been we have had to use the facilities so one of the things we want to get done straight away is to get that fixed. I initially thought we were going to need a new shower tray which sounds like a big job but we have discovered a company called speed coat who will repair the whole thing so i want to get this done on the way home. I had never heard of Speed Coat before but people absolutely rave about it so i am quite excited to see that in action. It is going to cost £435 to get it fixed and they will refit the shower door. We are going to be able to stay there and we have been advised that there is a Marstons pb over the road so we are notgoing to need to vacate the Moho.

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Our summer is absolutely jam packed with stuff that we have got going on. I was saying we needed a calendar so i can see what we have planned but instead i just added it to my phone. We have 5 festivals we are working, another 1 we are attending. We have 1 week in Devon and 1 week in Cornwall along with other weekends away. We pretty much have at least 2 things happening during every single month so we have had to put a stop on arranging anything else because until mid August we are rammed. Then it is just deciding when we leave the UK again.

A hell of a lot rides on whether we do something at the NEC again this October or not as that would be the thing which happens latest in the year and the only thing that would keep us back here. Especially keeping us back here that late into the UK autumn/ winter. It is then a case of all aboard the Morocco express again for the winter. We were both saying earlier how looking forward we are to getting back there we truly love and it. We are still to find somewhere abroad we love as much.

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