Diary Entry – 29th January 2024

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Another day another Tagine, the hot streak is still going strong but will probably be the last day today as we have big big plans tomorrow but i will go through that a bit later on. We h spoke to some friends a few days before about them wanting to come onto this site and to check how full it was. Well, to be honest, the answer is pretty bloody full. As we did with Dazzler and Michelle we went up to reception and asked them if there was any chance that they could get squeezed on and fortunately reception as they have done before said, we will do out best to get them on. So we sent a message and said that we couldn’t guarantee that we would be able to get them on but to give it a whirl.

Diary entry

They were at the Carrefour at the time so were going to chance there arm. I was working and after about an hour we could the guys through the side window and they had been sent to look for pitches or any nook and cranny that they can get on before an official pitch is ready. After a bit of searching around and watching who was leaving and who was staying we managed just about to find 2 place to fit them. So fortunately it wasn’t a wasted trip. You do always feel a certain amount of responsibility when you give people advice like that as if it goes wrong then you would feel pretty crap.

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We thought it may be nice to go and introduce them to the La Plancha restaurant at the bottom for some food so there was us, Dazzler and Michelle, Cassie and Derren. As you can imagine any excuse for me to have a Tagine and to be fair that is probably my favourite place to have one so far. We wont be having a tagine tomorrow as we will be coming back to La Plancha for pizza and to watch the Morocco game on the TV in there. We tipped the guy a little bit extra to get us a good table and to be able have some beers in there.

I am not sure whether i will stay for the whiole game becuase if it starts at 9pm here and finishes normal time it would be 11pm finish but at least we are watching it at the bottom of the campsite rather than 3 miles away and having to walk back. The main worry i suppose is if it goes to extra time and to penalties as it may end up being towards midnight by the time i get back so i will need to try and prepare for that as much as possible make surei have plenty of cold Corellis ready to go. I just hope Morocco do well and win the cup that would be so amazing especially being here for it.

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