Diary Entry – 22nd March 2024

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Welcome to todays diary entry! Friday check, Gibraltar check, payday check. Here we go!! To be honest work has been quite quiet for a couple of weeks so once Lisa had finished and my shift was done we packed up our stuff for the day and made our way over the air strip into Gib. I really like this couple of days we have in Gib it is just good to have a bit of a blow out on greasy food and some beverages. We are such creatures of habit because we went to the same place we went to last time.

diary entry
Whilst we were sorting stuff out he decided to climb into the storage under the bed

Well actually 2 places and i think that is partly because we know we have had nice food there so don’t want to risk having a rubbish meal for one of our first meals back in Europe so the devil you know is better than the devil you don’t. So i went for sausage and mash with gravy and some bread and butter and it was good. I really do miss this kind of food. I always feel like being in Gib is like being on holiday. Although the weather has been distinctly craop since we go here not seen one ounce of sun just thick cloud.

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The weather forecast for the next week is due to be crap, this park up on the Marina doesn’t have electric and with the lack of solar and our very basic solar set up we cannot really stay here for more than a day or a couple of days so we have started looking at where we are going to go next. ALl we know is that we are going up the east coast and we have a few nights planned with someone we know from FB called H Mac so we have said we will pop in there so need somewhere Benalmedina way.

We have been looking at new solar stuff and we think it may cost £1500 ish to get a proper set up with a couple of lithium batteries etc. My main concern is i don’t really understand all the bits that i need but all i do know is that i want something which means i can run the air fryer or at least an air fryer of sorts so aiming for 400w of solar on top, 3000w inverter and 2 lithium batteries and hopefully that should do the trick. Then i will have to have a word with my pals at A and E Leisure and see if they can help me understand it all and help me to fit it.

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