Diary Entry – 21st August 2023

The heat here at the moment is oppressive. I have never known a heat like it, literally the second you leave the Moho it feels like you are being burnt instantly so large portions of today been with the Beef in a vest and sitting inside under the air conditioning. Mum doesn’t like the heat in Morocco with a strong Atlantic ocean breeze let alone in the middle of land locked Luxembourg without a swimming pool, or without the sea to cool off in. He has quite enjoyed a lazy though, his favourite thing is just rolling about at the moment. He is not quite crawling yet but he can roll a belter.

I am so so so glad we bought our Cadac Grillo Chef 2 instead of our Safari Chef 2. Having not used our Grillo in almost 12 months it has been brilliant to get it out. It may sound a bit obvious but the difference in cooking area is huge and now that that there are 3 mouths to feed and the Beef will eat anything he can get his hands on. So we definitely needed the extra space. Although it does take up a lot more room in the garage it is an essential for us to have a Cadac. We are going to start doing some cooking videos soon, i really really want to do a curry one for our 1 pot curry.

We have started the preliminary talks about where we are going to go to next. I do miss having water nearby. I am not sure whether that is because i like fishing or what ever. I just love being by water of any kind. Be it a lake, river, stream or the sea. It is just so relaxing and the sound it brilliant as well. Talking about it reminded me of Morocco, at the first Atlantica park we were about 400 metres away from the sea but in a morning when it was quiet you could still hear the waves crashing. It was the same at Immourane sometimes you couldn’t hear anything and then other times it sounded like you were parked on the beach. I think that’s what i am missing, some water…..

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