Diary Entry – 17th November 2023

Oh how I love the weekends. It has been quite a challenging week this week. Obviously the whole being ill has been a real kick in the grapes. I have found this week at work to be quite challenging as well. It is a role that is slightly different to my other one and whereas my other role I know inside back to front this one will take a bit of getting used to. I have certainly felt more comfortable the further into the week I have got. There have been points though where i have thought perhaps I should have stayed. Only challenge with that being that I am not sure how long my other job would have lasted for if we had of remained as quiet as we had been.

We have acquired a new cat and he has found a sitting place in the Moho and he is quite happy just lying there. Lisa seems to think that the cat is the reason why Boris doesn’t come around much but i think it is more about territory than anything. We are just on his patch and therefore he gets to adopt us. I am sure that if we were further down towards the bottom and Boris’s patch then Boris would be around plenty more.

Just had a quiet night tonight didn’t want to do much as i was feeling a bit tired but also didn’t want to risk upsetting my stomach or being ill. So i t was a case of sitting in watching our fire stick. We have never really watched TV but it has been nice to be able to grab an hour or so watching programs on the TV. I am currently fascinated with the programs where they dig for gold in the Yukon in Canada. There are 2 particularly i have watched since the very beginning so i have enjoyed catching up with all of those. Much to Mums dismay.

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