Diary Entry – 16th November 2023

Well i think it is safe to safe that psychologically i have made a full recovery. In my head and how i actually feel i am back to full health but i am still suffering with my stomach. Having spoke to my Mum she has said that she thinks if i have had food poisoning the it is quite possible to suffer from a bad stomach for a couple of weeks. I am just glad to know that i am on the mend. There have been times during this week i have wondered, what if i don’t get better. So i am chuffed that i can see light at the end of the tunnel.

Been one of those funny afternoon here with the weather, any adverse weather conditions in Agadir always tend to come in the afternoon between 3pm and 7pm. Whether that is the wind or the fog, it always tends to be this time. I quite like being in it to be fair, during my break this afternoon i took the Beef out to walk around in it and to go to the sea front to see if we could see the sea still. You could just about make it out on the horizon, very cook but very eerie as well.

Somebody asked about Boris today so we will give you a bit of a Boris update. He is absolutely fine to be honest as it has gotten busier here we have found that he doesn’t tend to come this far up the campsite. He tends to have his patch which is where we were before and he just prefers it down there. Which is absolutely fine, the most important thing to us was getting here and seeing that he was ok. We were so emotional when we got here and got to see him. Especially after the way we had to say goodbye before. There is a new cat in town which seems to have taken a fancy to us. Mum has named it Mac as it is a bit of a funny colour. Don’t ask me, it is a woman thing.

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