Diary Entry – 03rd June 2024

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Welcome to todays diary entry! Today was one of the more challenging days that i have had in work, or in any work place. Normally i am extremely strict when it comes to time off and being poorly and having time off work as i feel that it all too easy these days to just turn around and say “I’m sick, I’m not coming in today”. So despite feeling really really poor and sounding awful i picked myself up and dragged myself into work and was a little bit of a humbling from all the times i have professed to be a martyr and today was my comeuppance.

The Beef living the soft play dream!

Thye greatest motivator of all was the fact that even though all i wanted to do was to go to bed the Motorhome was in for its service so wasn’t even close enough for me to go and lie down. In the end we only ended up getting it MOT’d as the garage has lost a member of staff so we said to them if it made it easier for them then just MOT the big girl and then we will book it in for its service in a month or 2. Certainly before we go. I felt pretty calm throughout the MOT to be fair which compared to how i was feeling last week makes a huge difference. I was probably too ill to worry about it.

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The good news ia that it passed its MOT with a couple of minor advisories of which one was because we had the car seat on the passenger side seat so they couldn’t test the seat belt and the other was a small leak. So when we book it in for its service we will get them to fix the hydraulic leak. So that cost us £60 to get the MOT done and then boom just like that we are road worthy again for another whole year. One thing that did surprise me was just how few miles we had actually done in the Moho this year. When you think we had been to south of France and back then back again to Morocco i couldn’t believe that we have only done 8500 ish miles.

I expect this year to be even less than less year as we will have a slow potter down through Spain on the way down and then into Morocco down to Agadir and Sidi Ifni/ Tiznit and then make our way back up. I don’t expect there to be a trans Morocco journey this time round although we have promised Jordi and Naima that we will celebrate my birthday there again next year, but we will see. I wouldn’t be surprised to see us below 7000 miles this time around. The great thing being now that everything we want done on the motorhome is done and now it is just a case of enjoying it, and enjoying not spending money on it.

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