Road Trip to Belgium Guide with Belgium’s Most Instagrammable Spots (spoiler, there’s 7)

Alright, adventure-seeker, planning a road trip to Belgium? Let’s spill some beans (or should I say, Belgian chocolates?). 🍫 When you think of Belgium, I bet the first things that pop into your mind are those mouth-watering waffles, decadent chocolates, and perhaps a sip of that world-famous Belgian beer.

Road Trip To Belgium – Beyond Waffles 🧇

But, road trippers, Belgium is so much more than just a foodie’s paradise. If you’re planning a road trip to Belgium, you won’t be disappointed. It’s a treasure trove of Belgian landmarks, a canvas of picturesque Belgium photography spots, and a roadmap of scenic routes in Belgium that are just begging to be explored.

Now, I’m not saying you should skip the waffles (that’d be a crime!), but as you munch on those crispy delights, let’s set our sights on some epic destinations.

From the historic heart of Belgian architecture in cities like Bruges and Ghent to the hidden Belgium travel gems in the Ardennes, this country is packed with Instagram-worthy moments. And if you’re a fan of historic sites in Belgium, oh boy, are you in for a treat! Plan your motorhome or campervan Belgium road trip with us.

So, are you ready to dive deep into the Belgium that’s beyond the breakfast menu? To explore the nooks and crannies, the picturesque landscapes, and the cultural hotspots that make this country a road tripper’s dream?

Strap in, grab your camera, and let’s hit the road. Belgium’s calling, and trust me, it’s singing a tune that’s way more melodious than just waffles and chocolates (though they’re a pretty sweet bonus!). 🚐📸🏰

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Discover Seven Instagram-Worthy Gems: Belgium’s Must-Visit Motorhome Stops for the Perfect Snap!

Brussels’ Grand-Place: Where Historic Charm Meets Road Trip Vibrancy

Okay, picture this: you’re stepping into a scene straight out of a fairy tale, but instead of a castle, you’re surrounded by jaw-droppingly gorgeous buildings that scream, “Hey, look at me!” 🏰✨

Welcome to the Grand-Place in Brussels, folks! Often dubbed as the ‘Times Square of the Middle Ages‘ (but with fewer billboards and more historic charm), this square is not just another tick on your travel checklist.

It’s a UNESCO World Heritage site, and it’s got the credentials to prove it. From the gold-tipped town hall to the ornate guild houses, every nook and cranny tells a tale.

And if you’re a night owl, you’re in for a treat. As the sun dips, the square lights up, turning those intricate details into a mesmerizing light show.

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So, whether you’re a history buff, a Belgian architecture enthusiast, or just someone with a keen eye for Belgium photography spots, the Grand-Place is your stage, and it’s waiting for its close-up!

Belgium Road Trip Through Time: The Enchanting Canals of Bruges – A Motorhome Traveller’s Dream

Alright, let’s play a quick game of imagination. Close your eyes and think of glistening waterways, charming bridges, and buildings that look like they’ve jumped straight out of a storybook.

Now, add a dash of medieval magic, and voilà! You’re floating through the Venice of the North, also known as Bruges.

While Venice has its gondolas, Bruges invites you to hop on a quaint boat and meander through its dreamy canals.

As you glide along, you’ll spot reflections that are so perfect, they’ll have you questioning reality. Is that a castle mirrored in the water, or did you just discover a portal to another world?

And those medieval buildings? They’re not just posing for your camera; they’re whispering tales of ancient times.

So, whether you’re a Belgian history enthusiast or on the hunt for the ultimate Bruges photo op, these canals promise a journey that’s nothing short of magical.

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Futuristic Motorhome Destination: Dive into the Space Age at Brussels’ Atomium

Buckle up, because we’re about to take a futuristic leap! Meet the Atomium, Brussels’ answer to the space age.

Dreamt up for the Brussels World’s Fair (1958), this architectural wonder is like something straight out of a sci-fi novel. Imagine nine shiny spheres, all connected, looking like a giant iron crystal magnified 165 billion times.

road trip to Belgium

Yep, you read that right! And here’s the fun part: the top sphere offers a panoramic view of Brussels. So, if you’ve ever wondered what it feels like to be inside a molecule (because who hasn’t, right?), this is your chance.

But it’s not all science and atoms; the Atomium also serves up a slice of art. Its reflective surfaces playfully mirror the sky and the city, creating a mesmerizing contrast to Belgium’s more traditional landmarks.

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And for those of you who love a good throwback, the Atomium is a nostalgic nod to the 50s and the optimism of the Space Age. So, get ready to channel your inner astronaut and explore this funky marvel. Beam us up, Brussels!

Medieval Majesty on Wheels: Ghent’s Gravensteen Castle – A Must-Visit Motorhome Stop

Ready to step into a fairy tale? Because Gravensteen Castle is straight out of the pages of a medieval adventure!

Nestled in the heart of Ghent, this fortress isn’t just about stone walls and towering turrets; it’s a time machine to the days of knights and dragons.

planning a road trip to Belgium

Picture this: you’re strolling along a moat, the ancient walls of Gravensteen rising majestically before you. As you venture inside, each corner whispers tales of yore, of battles and banquets.

And when you ascend its towers? Oh, the views! A panoramic spectacle of Ghent unfolds, with its charming rooftops and winding canals.

But here’s the real kicker: amidst the modern hustle and bustle of the city, Gravensteen stands as a dramatic, unyielding reminder of the past.

So, whether you’re channelling your inner Jon Snow or just hunting for that epic backdrop for your next Insta post, this castle has got you covered. Shields up, cameras ready, and let the medieval photo session begin!

Motorhome Adventures in Nature’s Enchanted Kingdom: The Bluebell Magic of Hallerbos

Buckle up, road trippers, because we’re about to venture into nature’s very own enchanted kingdom!

Just a stone’s throw from Brussels, the Hallerbos, fondly dubbed ‘The Blue Forest’, is where Mother Nature rolls out her royal carpet.

But here’s the thing it’s not a red carpet, but a mesmerizing shade of purple-blue. Every spring, like clockwork, bluebell flowers take center stage, transforming the forest floor into a dreamy sea of blooms.

As you wander amidst the tall beech trees, it’s easy to feel like you’ve stepped into a fairy tale. The sunlight filtering through the leaves, casting dappled shadows on the bluebell carpet, creates a magical ambiance that’s a feast for the eyes and the soul.

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And for our fellow motorhome adventurers, this spot is a must-visit! Not only does it promise epic motorhome memories, but it’s also a picture-perfect pit stop on your Belgian road trip itinerary.

So, if you’re all about capturing nature’s wonders from behind the wheel, Hallerbos is your dream destination. Cameras at the ready, and let’s dive into this floral fantasy!

Riverside Elegance for Motor-Roamers: Dinant, Belgium’s Picturesque Motorhome Destination

Alright, adventurers, rev up those motorhome engines because we’re heading to a town that’s basically Belgium’s best-kept secret!

Dinant, with its picturesque perch along the Meuse River, is the kind of place that makes you go, “Is this even real?” Imagine candy-colored buildings lining the riverbank, all standing tall and proud, reflecting their vibrant hues onto the shimmering waters below.

And then there’s the towering citadel, standing guard over the town like a sentinel from the past. But wait, there’s more! The unique silhouette of the Collegiate Church of Notre-Dame, with its bulbous spire, adds an extra sprinkle of magic to the scene.

Now, for all you snap-happy motor-roamers, here’s the golden shot: capturing Dinant’s reflection on the river, especially during the golden hour. It’s like the town is giving you a cheeky wink, saying, “Bet you’ve never seen anything like me before!”

So, whether you’re parking up your motorhome for some riverside relaxation or exploring every nook and cranny of this photogenic gem, Dinant is a stop you won’t forget. Ready, set, snap!

Elevate Your Road Trip to Belgium: Mont des Arts, Brussels’ Premier Motorhome Viewpoint and Architectural Showcase

Pop quiz, road trip aficionados! What combines killer city views, sunset magic, and a dash of architectural brilliance?

Ding, ding, ding! It’s Mont des Arts in Brussels. Now, if you’re thinking, “Just another city viewpoint,” think again! Mont des Arts isn’t just any spot; it’s the spot.

Perched high and mighty, it gifts you a panoramic sweep of Brussels, with the iconic Town Hall tower playing peek-a-boo in the distance. And let’s chat about that sunset, shall we? As the sun dips and casts a golden glow over the city, it’s like Brussels is putting on its evening best just for you.

But wait, there’s a cherry on top! The meticulously landscaped gardens, with their geometric patterns and lush greenery, are a treat for the eyes. And for the architecture buffs in the motorhome, the Albertina library stands as a testament to Brussels’ architectural prowess.

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So, as you park up and wander around, remember to pause, soak in the view, and maybe even share a sunset dance. Because at Mont des Arts, every moment is picture-perfect. Say cheese!

Belgium road trip guide


Ah, Belgium! As you can see, it’s not just about waffles and chocolates; it’s a tapestry of historic tales, architectural marvels, and natural wonders that beckon to be explored.

Each of these spots, from the canals of Bruges to the futuristic spheres of Atomium, offers a unique glimpse into Belgium’s rich tapestry.

Whether you’re marvelling at the medieval fortresses from the comfort of your motorhome or parking up to wander the bluebell-carpeted forests, there’s a story waiting to be told.

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And here’s the road trip magic: these destinations aren’t just waypoints on a map; they’re Instagram gold! So, as you rev up for your Belgian motorhome adventure, remember to capture these moments.

Share them, celebrate them, and let your followers in on the ultimate road trip experience. Because in the world of motorhome travels, a picture is worth a thousand words, but an Instagram snap from these Belgian hotspots? That’s a memory lane jackpot!

p.s. Bonus location for History roamers

Hooge Crater, Ypres: Road trippers, are you ready for a blend of history and nature’s allure? 🚐✨ Welcome to the Hooge Crater in Ypres, where tales of valor meet serene landscapes.

road trip Belgium

This once pivotal battleground of World War I has seen more than its fair share of action. From fierce clashes to the chilling debut of the Germans’ flame projectors, Hooge was a stage for both heroism and heartbreak.

But amidst the echoes of warfare, nature reclaimed its space, giving birth to a tranquil pond in the crater’s embrace.

Today, as you wander around, you’ll find the pond reflecting the sky, almost as if it’s capturing the spirits of the brave souls who once stood here. It’s a place of reflection, both literally and metaphorically.

And as dusk approaches, the nearby Hooge Crater Cemetery stands as a silent guardian, its stones whispering tales from a century ago.

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So, whether you’re a history enthusiast, a nature lover, or just a curious soul with a thirst for stories, Hooge Crater offers a unique blend of the past and the present. Park up, breathe in the serenity, and let the intertwined tales of man and nature captivate your heart.

After all, some stories are etched not just in books, but in the very fabric of the earth.

We hope you enjoyed reading about some of the spots you should add to your road trip to Belgium. You might also like our Motorhome Stopovers and Travel in Belgium article.

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