Diary Entry – 31st August 2023

The last day of the month in any target driven role is an important day, a day to cross t’s and dot i’s. It is funny because I almost have 2 now. I have my main job and i also have the bits and bobs I do for A and E Leisure although that isn’t target driven i still like to provide good numbers for what we do. It is funny that they have both been impacted by August which is the international month of holiday and trying to do anything is impossible as the kids are off.

Today was a super exciting day as well got to tell everyone our big news. We are going to be doing talks for 2 of the days at the NEC. I love the October show at the NEC so to be able to tell out tales of travel in Morocco with my wife and the Beef on stage will be very very cool indeed. We are on Wednesday and Thursday, i think on the Thursday we are on stage just after Joe Swash. Which will be even more peculair.

Still having weird weather but today was better of the 2 weather types we have had here. It is either rain or sun. Nothing else. No in between, one of those, or the other. It has been really warm though today which has made a nice change. It hasn’t quite been what I was expecting for the south of France in August but the weather should soon start to get better. I think we have been quite lucky in other parts of southern France they have had flooding so maybe we have not had it to bad.

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