Diary Entry – 24th April 2023

The last week of the month is always more stressful than any other especially with it being so target driven. There is definitely a lot more pressure. However, as i have always said i am one of those people who thrive on pressure and do some of my best work. We suffered true heart break today as we had seen a MH that we really liked and we contacted the guy to get some more info etc. The guy said he would come back to us at 4pm as he had to go to an appointment. So he kindly called us back which is more than could be said for almost everyone else we had tried to deal with. So you start to think, this is it!! Here we go. You start decorating it it in your mind and where you are going to keep stuff. Anyway, we told him which one we were interested in and he told us that the appointment he had just been on was for someone to view the MH we wanted. He advised us that they said they were going to put a deposit over. So we have to check first thing to see if they have or not. I was gutted earlier. Sulked all the way through my tea.

I wont be holding my breath though. I shouldn’t have got so carried away, to be fair it would have better had the guy said to us that it was already going. Never mind, I only credit for about 10 minutes anyway. We are the only remaining English people here now i believe. The Scottish man and his partner are due to return in the coming days so that should boost the numbers. From my understanding it gets so hot here that all the people on the site go to cooler places to get away from the heat and campsite is just left and then when it starts to cool down they all come back.

My wife is brilliant, she is working so hard at the moment to find and find our next big thing. I think she probably feels a bit guilty that i work and she doesn’t. She is a very proud wee lassie and i don’t think she would like the thought of being a kept woman. I suppose the thing is it works both ways as it would not have been possible for the trip if it hadn’t of been for sale of her house. So what she has given me is so so so rare because not many Dads get to have the time off that i did to watch my son grow up. So for that i owe her the world and spend every morning making cups of tea for her to demonstrate it.

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