Experience Morocco Like Never Before: Ultimate 14 Day Morocco Motorhome Road Trip Itinerary

Motorhome roaring, dirt churning, heart racing! Welcome to Morocco, in a way never seen before! This is my ultimate 14 Day Morocco Motorhome Road Trip Itinerary!

Imagine, tearing across the enigmatic landscapes of rolling desert dunes and towering Atlas Mountains, all from the comfort of your motorhome. Imagine winding through the labyrinth of Marrakech’s colorful souks to the quiet hum of the motorhome parked outside. One second, you’re riding the freeway of freedom, the next you’re sipping sweet mint tea with friendly locals, their hospitality as warm as the Saharan sun.

14 days. 2 weeks to unravel the mysteries of an ancient land, from Casablanca’s Art Deco elegance to Fez’s medieval medina, without surrendering your home comforts.

This isn’t your regular travel guide. This is an invitation into a Moroccan road trip odyssey. And unlike Odysseus’ ten-year stint, we promised this one only lasts 14 days! Now, fasten your seatbelt, it’s going to be one heck of a ride.

14 Day Morocco Motorhome Road Trip Itinerary

We drove from The NEC in Birmingham to Agadir in 96 hours! 3000km in 4 days. You can watch that on YouTube!

Why Choose a Motorhome Adventure in Morocco

  • Experience travel freedom like never before
  • Discover unique life-changing moments
  • Get a sneak-peek into the 14-day itinerary

Advantages of Traveling in a Motorhome

Motorhome travel is on the rise, and for good reasons. One of the prime benefits of touring in a motorhome is the unmatched freedom. Gone are the days of fixed hotel check-ins and early wake-up calls for sightseeing. Traveling in a motorhome in Morocco allows you to set your own pace and truly immerse in the experience- every road becomes a tourist attraction.

Motorhomes come equipped with all home amenities, ensuring a comfortable journey, even when you are miles away from civilization. Fancy a hot meal after a long day exploring? Want to take a refreshing shower before sleep? Your motorhome serves as your home-on-wheels, offering convenience like no other travel mode.


Morocco is a land of diverse landscapes, rich history, and intriguing cuisine. Exploring all its magnificence may put a strain on your pocket if relying on conventional travel modes. However, motorhome travel offers an economical alternative. The combined cost of transportation, accommodation, and meals is significantly reduced, enabling extensive travel within a set budget.

Unique Experiences Offered By a Motorhome Adventure

When you choose a motorhome adventure, you sign up for experiences that are impossible to have with traditional travel methods.

Camp Under the Stars

Ever imagined sleeping under a blanket of stars? A Moroccan motorhome adventure can make it happen. Pull over at a beautiful deserted location, and sleep peacefully under the night sky. No hotel room can match this glorious view.

Unplanned Detours

Motorhome adventure allows the luxury of following the road less traveled. If a village or a landscape piques your interest, take a detour. Meet locals, try authentic Moroccan food, get mesmerized by untouched beauty- motorhome expedition facilitates these incredible unplanned moments.

Brief Mention of the 14-day Itinerary

This 14-day itinerary offers the most unparalleled Moroccan motorhome adventure. Starting from bustling Marrakech, discover the picturesque Atlas Mountains, lose yourself in the quaint blue city of Chefchaouen, explore the sandy dunes of Sahara, and soak in the historic aura of Fez. Every day brings a new surprise, a new destination, and a host of unforgettable experiences. Get ready to experience Morocco like never before!

Preparing for Your Moroccan Motorhome Adventure

  • Nail down key documents.
  • Pack purposefully.
  • Choose the right motorhome for the journey.

Travelling in a motorhome in Morocco requires proper preparation. Let’s delve into the aspects you need to pay attention to, ensuring a safe and enjoyable adventure.

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Necessary Documents

Packing for Morocco starts far before you load your luggage into the motorhome. First and foremost, ensuring all required documents are in order sets the ground for a seamless journey.

List of required documents for the trip

A Moroccan motorhome adventure mandates specific documents:

  • A valid passport with at least 6 months remaining before expiry.
  • Motorhome registration documents, evidencing ownership or valid rental agreement.
  • International driving permit, acknowledged by Moroccan authorities.
  • Insurance for the vehicle, extending covers to Morocco.
  • Visa if required, depending on your nationality.

Being prepared with these key documents, you’ll bypass potential hiccups at the Moroccan border points and within the country.

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Explanation of how to obtain these documents

Start with your passport. If it’s nearing its expiry, apply for a renewal at your local government office or via their online process. The motorhome registration documents should be obtained from the vehicle provider, whether you own it or are renting. If you’re renting, ensure the rental agreement permits international travel and is in English or French.

An international driving permit (IDP) can generally be acquired from local motoring authorities in your home country. And as for vehicle insurance, consult with your current provider about extending the coverage to include Morocco.

In the case that you require a visa to enter Morocco, the specific process will depend on your nationality but typically involves an application at a Moroccan embassy or consulate in your home country.

What to Pack

Packing smart for a Moroccan motorhome adventure means considering essential items for the trip, along with specific elements unique to Morocco.

Essential items to bring on a motorhome trip

Different from standard holiday packing, a motorhome journey requires some extra considerations. Ensure you pack basic maintenance tools, spare parts, a first aid kit, and emergency roadside equipment. Comfort essentials such as suitable bedding, cooking utensils, and a water purifier are also key.

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Specific items needed for Morocco

Morocco presents its own unique environment and cultural requirements. It is suggested to bring a lightweight scarf to protect from desert sand and for respectful attire when visiting sacred sites. A power converter accommodating Morocco’s European-style outlets may also be necessary. Study the local climate for your travel period to pack suitable clothing.

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Choosing the Right Motorhome

Taking into account various factors can help identify the ideal motorhome for an adventure in Morocco.

Factors to consider when choosing a motorhome

Size and manoeuvrability matter. Smaller sized motorhomes make navigating narrow city streets and winding mountain roads more manageable. Adequate storage space for all your essentials and a reliable water and power system are also important considerations.

Recommendations based on personal experience

Motorhomes equipped with hardy tires and a robust suspension system are advantageous for Moroccan terrain, coping well with variable road conditions. An integrated navigation system can also be a significant aid.

By ensuring effective preparation – from gathering necessary documents, packing wisely, to selecting a suitable motorhome, you’re creating a solid foundation for your memorable Moroccan motorhome journey. Ready set go, off to Morocco!

Day 1-2: Starting the Adventure in Marrakech

  • Discover what the city of Marrakech entails.
  • Navigate top sights and activities.
  • Get the best motorhome parking and camping hacks.

Description of Marrakech

Marrakech is a vibrant city full of life. Nestled in the foothills of the Atlas Mountains, Marrakech, often fondly referred to as the Red City, is a tapestry of old-world charm and modern comfort. Its bustling markets, known as souks, radiate with the colourful crafts of local artisans. On the other side, the city offers contemporary attractions, including high-end boutiques and top-class restaurants.

14 Day Morocco Motorhome Road Trip Itinerary

Recommended Attractions and Activities

As you drive your motorhome into the city, make sure not to miss the iconic Jardin Majorelle, a beautifully designed garden, and the astonishing Bahia Palace, which is known for its intricate designs. The Koutoubia Mosque, the largest in Marrakech, is a dominating sight you wouldn’t miss. A leisurely stroll in the heart of Marrakech, Jemaa el-Fnaa, in the late evening guarantees a colourful cultural experience. Just remember, a trip to Marrakech is not complete without a spa day at a traditional Moroccan hammam.

Tips for Motorhome Parking and Camping

When it comes to motorhome parking and camping, things might get a bit tricky, as it’s not common in the heart of the city. The great news is that a few campsites and parking facilities around Marrakech are motorhome-friendly. Le Relais de Marrakech, located just outside the city, is known for offering services catering especially to motorhome tourists, ensuring a relaxing environment after a day exploring the hustle and bustle of Marrakech. Always check the facilities and rules online before setting your stop.

We did a Campsite Review about Le Relais de Marrakech and you can watch that on YouTube!

Day 3-4: Exploring the Atlas Mountains

  • Engage with the beauty of Atlas Mountains
  • Navigate suggested routes and key stops
  • Master camping tips for a safe and comfortable stay

Overview of the Atlas Mountains

Egypt isn’t the sole possessor of Africa’s grandeur; Morocco’s Atlas Mountains are equally legendary. Stretching over 2,500 km across Morocco, Algeria, and Tunisia, the Atlas range twists its way between the Atlantic and Mediterranean coasts. They seem to pierce the very sky, standing as silent centenarians telling tales of ancient times.

Beyond their alluring aesthetics, the Atlas Mountains invite you with an array of attractions. The ranges are home to several Berber tribes, indigenous people of North Africa, their rich culture and traditional way of life adding another layer to your journey. Their music, language, and exquisite cuisine offer a taste of native Morocco that’s often missed in more urban areas.

morocco road trip itinery

Suggested Routes and Stops

Now, let’s map our journey. The Atlas range, split into Middle, High, and Anti-Atlas, offer several exciting trekking routes. For our journey, we’ll focus on the trails across the High Atlas, noted for its heady altitudes and breathtaking views.

We start at the Ait Bouguemez Valley, nicknamed the “Happy Valley” due to its lush green landscapes and cheerful locals. From here, we take the route towards the Mgoun Massif, where the peak stands like a sentry at an astounding 4,071 meters above sea level.

A detour to Imilchil, known for its annual Marriage Festival, is well worth the visit. This route carries a tangible sense of adventure and winds through cedar forests, remote valleys, and traditional Berber villages.

Camping Tips for the Mountains

Camping in the Atlas Mountains could be the highlight of your Moroccan adventure, but it requires careful planning. The Atlas range has its own unique set of conditions. Here a few crucial tips to keep in mind:

  1. Wind and Weather: The weather here is unpredictable. Pack layers of clothing to counteract sudden temperature drops and hot days. A sturdy tent to withstand wind gusts is a must.
  2. Food and Water: Though you’ll cross Berber villages along your route, ensure you carry sufficient food and water. Locals might share their meals, but it doesn’t hurt to be prepared.
  3. Leave no Trace: Always clean up before leaving a campsite. Respecting the environment is vital when camping in the mountains. Armed with these tips, your journey across the Atlas Mountains promises to be sensational—with sights, sounds, and experiences you’ll cherish long after returning home.

Day 5-6: Journey to the Sahara Desert

  • An unforgettable path to the world’s largest hot desert.
  • Scenic journey peppered with unique attractions.
  • Step into the surreal with Sahara desert camping.

Route to the Sahara: Snaking Through Surreal Landscapes

Nothing amplifies the excitement of a trip like the journey itself. As your motorhome manoeuvres the twisting turns and undulating dunes, you are presented with a visual spectacle unlike any other. Think hypnotizing sand waves, punctuated occasionally by resilient shrubs and colourful Bedouin settlements. EVERY TEARDROP-SHAPED DUNE HOLD ITS OWN CHARM. Do not forget to bring your camera; these views are meant to be preserved!

sahara desert

Every Landscape Tells a Story

Each terrain you pass through carries the imprints of a bygone era. From prehistoric rock formations to traces of ancient trade routes, the Sahara paints vivid images of a time when this desert was a green and fertile land.

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Attractions En Route: An Unconventional Sightseeing Experience

A journey through the Sahara is filled with fascinating spots, each possessing a unique charm. One such is the ‘Door of the Desert’ at Ouarzazate. This silent city lies modestly amidst the chaos of desert winds and bustling souks. It’s a hub for many famous film locations including Hollywood blockbusters. Also, take a detour to have a look at the mud-brick Kasbahs with their geometric patterns.

Desert Wonders Hidden in Plain Sight

Unearth lesser-known gems like the Khamlia village, a vibrant community of dark-skinned Gnawas, descendants of former Sudanese slaves. Lure your senses by experiencing their entrancing music and dance, moving stories retold through hypnotic rhythms.

Sahara Camping: Starry Nights and Mystic Mornings

Once the sun sets and the noise of the day subsides, the desert reveals a different side. A side that is tranquil, yet astounding – camping in the Sahara. Imagine the wind whispering tales of old, sand beneath your feet, and a clear star-studded sky overhead. Each star holds a folklore, each constellation has a fable.

Sahara at night

Waking Up to a Transcendent Dawn

The desert sunrise is beautifully paradoxical – it’s both a gentle wake-up call and an astounding spectacle. As the first light pierces through the desert night, the sand dunes appear to be larger than life, painted with hues of orange and gold. A delightful show just before you get ready to steer your motorhome towards the next adventure. No goodbyes needed.

Day 7-8: Discovering Fes

  • A captivating blend of ancient and modern, Fes invites exploration.
  • We’ll uncover must-visit places and activities, infusing your trip with unforgettable experiences.
  • Arm yourself with practical motorhome tips for seamlessly navigating Fes.

Introduction to Fes

Stepping into Fes is like stepping back in time. Known as Morocco’s cultural and spiritual heart, every facet of Fes radiates a rich history and artistic expression. As we shed the dust of our Saharan sojourn, the motorhome wheels grace the rhythmic pulse of Fes, leaving behind the vast dramatic landscapes for a labyrinth of narrow streets.

Fes boasts a unique selling proposition among Moroccan cities. It’s the oldest yet most complete medieval city of the Arab World, a living testament to the nation’s glorious past. Its medina, a UNESCO World Heritage site, thrums with the vibrant swirl of traditional artisans, aromatic souks (marketplaces), and stunning architecture.

So, buckle up! As we journey into the heart of Fes, the tapestry of multicultural influences, and mesmerising beauty awaits you.

Must-visit places and activities

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Diving into the heart of Fes’ medieval medina, there’s a dizzying array of wonders to behold. Your first stop? The Kairaouine Mosque, one of the world’s oldest universities, brimming with captivating tales and awe-inspiring architecture. Spread through sprawling alleys, not far away lie the renowned Tanneries of Fes, where you can observe the outstanding traditional leather-making processes.

Also, consider exploring the royal palace ‘Dar el Makhzen’. Its grandeur, with seven bronze gates, is sure to leave you overwhelmed.

Looking for some quietude after a bustling day? Fes possesses a treasure trove of exquisite gardens such as Jnan Sbil. This urban oasis offers an escape from city life, defined by the harmonious blend of nature’s melody and water’s tranquility.

Motorhome tips for Fes

Even for seasoned motorhome travelers, the congested and confusing roads may pose quite a challenge in Fes. It is wise to park at a campsite on the outskirts and use local transportation to explore the inner city. The Diamant Vert and Camping International de Fes come as highly recommended lodging options.

Take note of the ‘faux guides’ or unofficial guides in Fes. These might lead you to places where their acquaintances sell items, often at an inflated price. Always ask for prices upfront or better yet, hire a licensed guide to avoid any complications.

Fuel availability can be erratic in Morocco, To avoid any inconvenience, make sure your motorhome tank is full before embarking on your Fes exploration. An informed traveller makes a happy traveller!

Day 9-10: Venturing to Chefchaouen

  • Discover the enchanting city of Chefchaouen.
  • Explore recommended sights and embark on exhilarating experiences.
  • Execute a smooth motorhome journey through relevant tips and tricks.

Overview of Chefchaouen

Bask in the sights and sounds of Chefchaouen, a city that charms visitors with its captivating charm and distinct Mediterranean vibe. Unique in its spellbinding blue aesthetics, Chefchaouen, often referred to as “The Blue Pearl of Morocco,” is nestled comfortably in the heartlands of Rif Mountains.

This city provides a journey of inspiration and discovery: from its narrow, winding streets filed with vibrant hues of blue to the historical buildings carefully decorated with hand-painted tiles, Chefchaouen is indeed a feast for the eyes. Journeying through this city, you’ll stumble upon an exotic blend of Spanish and Moorish architecture, painting a backdrop that’s almost surreal in its beauty.

Steeped in rich culture and tradition, Chefchaouen is also an ambient hub for traditional handicrafts, organic goat cheese, and the infamous Riffian carpets. Here, local bazaars brim with delightful treasures waiting to be discovered.

Recommended Sights and Experiences

Partaking in local experiences offers an unforgettable testament to this city’s vibrant culture. Central to the city is Plaza Uta El-Hammam, an animated square brimming with restaurants, cafes, and stores. A visit here offers a delightful opportunity to live as the locals do; engage in the tradition of sipping mint tea while watching the world go by.

Close to the square, you can find the Kasbah Museum, a treasure trove of artifacts providing a glimpse into Chefchaouen’s rich past. Further, the city is a gateway to the Talassemtane National Park – a haven for nature lovers and trekking enthusiasts.

Uncover the secrets of traditional Moroccan cuisine with a cooking class, or visit the local Hamam for an authentic Moroccan spa experience. Chefchaouen, with its vibrant cultural offerings and diverse experiences, has something for every traveler to remember.

Tips for Motorhome Travel in Chefchaouen

Navigating Chefchaouen in a motorhome calls for a level of preparedness. The city’s narrow, steep, and winding streets might pose a challenge. One golden rule is to always plan your route ahead. Smaller vehicles are recommended for inner-city exploration, and parking on the outskirts is advisable due to limited parking options within the city.

Staying connected is vital – ensure your GPS is functional and have a local SIM card or Wi-Fi device handy. Also, the town’s uphill landscapes might be tricky to traverse. Engage in prior planning by checking weather forecasts, ensuring your vehicle’s maintenance, and having an emergency toolbox readily available.

While traversing through Chefchaouen may come with its hurdles, the ancient city’s captivating charm and compelling allure easily overshadow any perceived challenges, making the experience undeniable worthwhile. Be open-minded, stay prepared, and embrace the journey as it unfolds.

Day 11-12: Heading to Casablanca

  • Casablanca – a city that bustles with both historic allure and modern sophistication
  • Dazzling attractions and memorable activities that provide a generous slice of Moroccan culture
  • Reliable motorhome parking solutions to ensure a stress-free stay in Casablanca

Describing the Charm of Casablanca

Cradled on the Atlantic coast, Casablanca is the beating heart of Morocco’s modernity. With towering skyscrapers juxtaposed against historical edifices, this city is a stunning blend of old and new. Walk through its bustling streets, and you’d experience its dynamic pulse, tinged with a rich cultural heritage that’s distinctly Moroccan.

Casablanca is more than just a city; it personifies a seamless marriage of ancient tradition and contemporary living. Its cosmopolitan life thrives amidst beautiful mosques, vibrant gardens, and bustling marketplaces that pays homage to its roots.

Experience the City’s Pulse

Close your eyes. Imagine the clamor of market traders, the scent of sizzling tangines, and the beautifully chaotic medina unfolding before your eyes. That’s Casablanca for you, a page from a rousing Moroccan symphony.

Suggested Attractions and Activities

A foray into Casablanca isn’t complete without delving into its many attractions and activities. Begin at Hassan II Mosque, one of the largest and most beautiful mosques in the world. Its towering minaret can be seen from practically anywhere in the city.

Pay a visit to the old Medina, a labyrinthine market bursting with a plethora of items from fragrant spices to intricate handicrafts. Sip Moroccan tea at a local cafe, where you’ll be introduced to the city’s multi-layered culture that drips with warm hospitality.

Engage Your Senses

Take a lesiure stroll on La Corniche, a waterfront promenade lined with restaurants, nightclubs, and swimming pools, and let the Atlantic breeze caress you. Step foot in Habous Quarter, fondly known as the “new medina”, where French colonial architecture meets traditional Moroccan design.

Motorhome Parking and Camping in Casablanca

Navigating through Casablanca in a motorhome may come with its unique challenges, given the city’s traffic and narrow streets. But don’t fret. There are several motorhome parking facilities and camping sites that offer a secured place to park your motorhome.

Consider staying at Camping International, located just a short distance from the city. This camping site offers plenty facilities for motorhomes. Another alternative is Ain-Diab, a suburb with ample parking spaces available.

Travel with Ease

Remember, safe parking is as important as the journey itself. So, secure a spot early and relish the wonders Casablanca lays before you, unworried and undisturbed. Complement your Casablanca sojourn with an untroubled mind, indulging in what this remarkable city has to offer.

Day 13-14: Ending the Journey in Rabat

  • Discover the allure of Rabat, Morocco’s historic capital city.
  • Explore must-visit sites and engaging activities that enrich your time spent here.
  • Learn final valuable tips for a seamless motorhome expedition.

Introduction to Rabat

Rabat, the capital of Morocco, is often sidelined in favor of its more popular counterparts. However, the city offers a peaceful respite with its serene beaches, lush gardens, and endearing historic districts. With fewer tourists around, you can enjoy a pure, unadulterated Moroccan experience here. Despite its bustling city life, Rabat embodies a sense of tranquility and old-world charm that sets it apart from other metropolitan cities. The combination of its relaxing atmosphere and rich cultural heritage makes it an ideal stop for the closure of your 14-day motorhome journey.

Must-See Places and Activities

Rabat unfolds various cultural treasures that capture your attention. The Kasbah of Udayas, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, sketched in blue and white, offers a panoramic view of the sea. Surrounded by gardens, it calls for a leisurely stroll. Visit Hassan Tower, an unfinished minaret of a mosque that couldn’t see the light of the day. Close by, marvel at the modern Mausoleum of Mohammed V, intricately detailed with delightful Moroccan crafts.

Seek out the Chellah Necropolis, a Roman archaeological site, featuring a blend of Roman and Islamic ruins. Rabat beach is a hotspot for locals and tourists alike who revel in its golden sand and enjoy surfing. If your heart hankers for Moroccan art, then head to the Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art, which houses collections dating from the 1950s to the present day.

Final Motorhome Tips for the Trip

Your motorhome escapade in Morocco is almost over, but remember to keep the itinerary flexible for unexpected yet exciting detours. Here, a little knowledge of French or Arabic can go a long way, particularly in local markets. Ensure the motorhome is well-serviced and equipped with essentials, including a first-aid kit and a spare tire. While wild camping is not uncommon in Morocco, it is suggested to camp at authorized sites to avoid any inconvenience.

Remember, driving in Morocco can be a challenging experience, with its unique road etiquette and sometimes, tricky terrains. Be patient and alert on the roads. Last but foremost, keep necessary documentation handy to evade any legal issues. Safe travel, and soak up every last bit of your enchanting Moroccan exploration.

Tips for a Successful Motorhome Trip in Morocco

  • Understand the general advice for motorhome travel in Morocco
  • Gain insights from personal experience for a smooth ride

General advice for motorhome travel in Morocco

Morocco offers an adventurous journey with its desert landscape, coastal beauty, and bustling cities. For a successful motorhome trip, certain factors should be considered. Your vehicle should be equipped with appropriate amenities and enough fuel.

Navigating through Morocco’s diverse terrain can be challenging at times. Be prepared for windswept drives along slender coastal roads, gruelling uphill stretches in the Atlas, and sandy slogs in the desert. It is recommended to have a detailed road map and functional GPS for efficient navigation. Confirm your route with locals when possible and keep updated with the latest weather conditions.

Camping options in Morocco range from wild camping spots in remote locations to professionally run campsites with a full range of facilities. Be aware of the local laws relating to camping. Usually, it’s advisable to camp at official sites for safety and comfort.

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Lessons learned from personal experience

A trip to Morocco can be unpredictable and full of surprises. Lessons drawn from experience can add invaluable knowledge for smooth travel. Here are some nuggets of wisdom from personal endeavours.

Firstly, always have a stock of dirhams, Moroccan currency, for the various tolls along the way. Many of these toll booths don’t accept credit cards.

Secondly, remember that parking in Moroccan cities can be tricky. Look out for guarded parking lots (commonly referred to as “gardien”) where, for a small fee, an attendant will watch over your vehicle. This service is particularly helpful in busy areas like Marrakech or Fes.

Lastly, get ready for some haggling. Whether it’s at a local market or fuel station, bargaining is a common practice in Morocco.

In conclusion, a motorhome trip through Morocco is a journey of discovery. From the tangled streets of the ancient medinas to the expansive vistas of the Atlas Mountains and the Sahara, it offers a wealth of cultural and natural treasures. It’s essential to come prepared to confront the challenges on the road head-on, making for an immersive and enriching travel experience.

An Unforgettable Moroccan Adventure Awaits

Savouring warm tagines by the Atlas Mountains, hunting exotic trinkets in Marrakesh’s buzzing souqs, falling in awe of Fes’ ancient heritage, and basking under a starlit Sahara desert sky. Now imagine all these in 14 action-packed days – but in the form of a motorhome itinerary. Morocco beyond the ordinary, designed for an amazing, authentic experience, from Casablanca to Chefchaouen.

But most importantly, remember that your ultimate adventure begins with careful planning. Each day of this itinerary is a step towards making the most of your Moroccan experience. Tailor it to suit your yearnings for culture, cuisine, nature, or history.

Ready to start this once-in-a-lifetime journey? It’s time to hit the road. Make your reservations, load up on necessities, and polish your bargaining skills.

So, what Moroccan city are you most excited to traverse around in your motorhome?

Let the exotic allure of Morocco be your call to action! Adventure awaits.

Atlas mountain

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