Top Picks for 12v TV in 2024: Find Your Perfect Match for Your Motorhome, Campervan, or Caravan

A 12v TV is ideal for your motorhome, campervan or caravan, due to their compatibility with the vehicle’s power system. Most recreational vehicles are equipped with a 12v power supply, and using a 12v TV eliminates the need for a power inverter or electric hook up to convert the voltage.

This direct compatibility is more energy-efficient and ensures a lower power consumption, which is crucial when running on a limited power source like a battery. Additionally, 12v TVs are often designed to be more rugged and vibration-resistant, making them durable for travel. They also tend to be more compact, which is essential in the limited space of a motorhome or caravan.

12v TV

From the best 12v Motorhome TV with a built-in DVD/Record feature to the largest 32″ screen for your caravan, we’ve got it all covered. Need something that syncs with your satellite TV aerial? Check. Looking for the most compact option for your snug campervan? We’ve found it. On a budget? We’ve unearthed a cracker under £100. And for those who prioritize portability or want to upgrade their existing setup to a smart TV, we’ve got recommendations that’ll make your heart sing.

Plus, we haven’t forgotten about the essentials – like a sturdy anti-shake TV bracket for those bumpy roads, and Bluetooth speakers to enhance your audio experience.

So, buckle up and get ready to explore our comprehensive, no-nonsense guide to 2024’s top 12V TVs. Whether you’re a weekend explorer in a campervan, a full time vanlifer in a motorhome, or have a caravan on a seasonal pitch, there’s bound to be a 12v TV to suit your adventures.

If you know the type of 12v TV you are after just jump to the relevant review below:

Best 12v Motorhome TV with Built-in DVD/Record

SYLVOX 22 inch Smart TV for Caravan or Motorhome

Say hello to the SYLVOX 22 inch Smart TV, a top pick for those seeking a versatile entertainment solution in their caravan or motorhome. This features a built-in DVD player for movie watching. As an Android TV, it provides access to Google Play, offering a variety of apps and games. It comes with a Sat Satellite Decoder for a wide range of satellite channels. This TV is equipped with RJ45 and Wi-Fi connectivity, ensuring you stay connected on your travels. Its frameless 1080P Full HD display delivers clear and sharp visuals, making it a practical and attractive option for any caravan, campervan, motorhome, boat, or trailer.

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Built-in DVD player and satellite tuner for watching TV without internet and accessing more satellite channels.
Supports satellite antenna connections.
Multiple ports for device connectivity, including DVB-T2/S2/C/T/T2, COAXIAL, CI, and USB for program recording.
Suitable for 9-32V power supplies, with 4G vibration testing for clear viewing in moving caravans.
Includes a car charger cord, ideal for caravans and cruises.
Built-in Chromecast for streaming from mobile devices, compatible with both Android and iOS.
Dolby MS12 sound for realistic and powerful audio.
Frameless design for a more immersive viewing experience.
Options for both wall mounting and desktop placement; wall mount bracket available separately.

Largest 32″ 12v Caravan TV

Cello CS32WS01 32″ inch Traveller 12-Volt Smart TV

The largest 32″ 12v Smart TV, ideal for those seeking a large screen experience in their caravan or RV. It offers 12-volt power compatibility and comes equipped with smart TV features including Freeview Play and FreeSat. This model also includes Bluetooth connectivity and is pre-loaded with popular streaming services such as Disney+, Netflix, Apple TV+, Prime Video, Paramount+, and BBC iPlayer. Made in the UK, this 2023 model is a solid choice for anyone looking for a 32″ 12v Caravan TV.

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Compatible with both 12-volt (cable included) supply and mains power.
Supports app downloads including Disney+, Netflix, Apple TV+, Prime Video, Paramount+, BBC iPlayer.
Customer service support located in the UK provided by Cello Electronics.
Features Bluetooth connectivity for pairing with devices such as soundbars.
Includes Freeview Play, offering access to 100 channels and 20,000 hours of on-demand content.
Can be wall-mounted; requires a 100mm x 100mm bracket (not included).
Offers multiple connection options: 3 HDMI ports, 1 Optical port, 1 RF port, and 2 USB inputs.
Equipped with a car connector and a built-in regulator to handle voltage fluctuations between 10V to 27V DC.

Best 12v TV with Satellite TV Aerial Compatibility

Sniper 22″ HD LED Travel TV

Introducing the Sniper 22″ HD LED Travel TV, a top contender for the ‘Best 12v TV with Satellite TV Aerial Compatibility’. This compact powerhouse features a 22-inch HD LED screen, perfect for crisp and clear viewing. It’s equipped with an integrated DVD player and built-in Satellite S2 and Freeview T2 tuners, ensuring a wide range of viewing options. Versatile power compatibility means it runs smoothly on both 12V and 24V supplies, as well as mains power. Plus, with Bluetooth 4.0 connectivity, it’s ready to pair with your favourite devices. Whether you’re in a caravan, motorhome, or setting up camp, this TV is ready for your next adventure.

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Integrates DVB-T2 Freeview TV, DVD player, and DVB-S2 satellite TV receiver.
Built-in Bluetooth for wireless connection to soundbars or headphones.
USB PVR functionality for recording, playback, and pausing live TV via a USB drive.
Includes a built-in DVD/CD player.
Built-in Freeview tuner and DVB-S2 satellite receiver for accessing Freeview, Freesat, and other free-to-air satellite TV services.
Connects to a satellite dish via a standard F connector LNB input.
Powered by a 12-volt supply (cigarette lighter lead included) for use in motorhomes, caravans, or boats, or a 24-volt supply in trucks or RVs, as well as mains power.
Comes with a removable stand and can be wall-mounted using a 100 x 100mm VESA mount.

Most Compact 12v TV for Campervans

12v TV for Motorhome

Sniper 16 inch FHD LED Travel TV

Check out this versatile gem: a 16-inch Full HD LED TV that’s a perfect fit for those on the move. It’s friendly with both 12V/24V power supplies and mains, making it a great companion for your campervan or motorhome adventures. The screen boasts a wide 178° viewing angle, so everyone gets a great view. It’s not just a TV; it comes with a built-in DVD player, Easy find Satellite S2, and Freeview T2 tuners for all your viewing needs. Bluetooth 5.1 connectivity? It’s got that too, for easy pairing with your devices. And for those who love recording their favourite shows, the Personal Video Recorder (PVR) functionality is a real treat. Plus, with two USB and two HDMI ports, it’s ready for all your gadgets. This TV is a compact powerhouse for entertainment on the go.

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Compatible with 12v, 24v, and 240v power sources; includes all necessary leads and adapters.
Full HD display panel with 178-degree viewing angles.
Bluetooth 5.1 audio for connecting to Bluetooth speakers and headphones.
Features DVB-T2 digital TV tuner, DVB-S2 satellite tuner, and is Easyfind compatible.
Equipped with 2 HDMI ports and 2 USB ports; supports PVR and is compatible with Firestick (HDMI CEC).
Includes an integrated region-free DVD/CD player.

Best Budget-Friendly (under £100) 12v TV for Motorhomes and Caravans

RCA RB22HT5A 12 Volt 22″ inch FHD TV

Introducing the RCA RB22HT5A, a top pick for the ‘Best Budget-Friendly (under £100) 12v TV for Motorhomes and Caravans’. This 22-inch Full HD TV is a compact solution for on-the-road entertainment. It comes with integrated Freeview HD and DVB-T2-C-S2 tuners, ensuring a wide range of channel options. The Dolby Audio feature enhances sound quality, making your viewing experience more immersive. Tailored for motorhome and caravan use, it boasts an FHD LED backlighting display for clear, vibrant images. With a variety of ports including HDMI, VGA, PC Audio, and USB, it’s versatile for different media needs. Ideal for motorhomes and campervans, this TV operates efficiently on 12 volts, making it a great travel companion for those seeking quality entertainment without breaking the bank.

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Full HD resolution of 1920 x 1080 for clear and detailed images.
Compatible with 12V power supply, suitable for use in motorhomes, caravans, boats, and trucks.
Equipped with multiple ports: 1 HDMI, 1 VGA, 1 MINI AV input, and 1 USB input for connecting various devices.
High-quality LED panels enhance input signals to reduce noise, smear, and afterimage, ensuring a clear and smooth picture.
Offers two installation options: comes with bottom brackets and supports wall mounting, making it versatile for different settings

Portable 12v TV

Best Lightweight Smart 12v TV only 2kg

Cello CS22WS01 22″ inch Traveller 12v Smart TV

Meet the Cello CS22WS01, a front-runner for the ‘Best Lightweight 12v TV only 2kg’ category. This 22-inch traveller is a breeze to handle and perfect for the on-the-go lifestyle in caravans, HGVs, and boats. It’s not just about its feather-light weight; this smart TV comes loaded with Freeview Play and FreeSat, offering a plethora of viewing options. Bluetooth connectivity? Check. A suite of streaming services like Disney+, Netflix, and more? Absolutely. And it’s all wrapped up in a sleek package, proudly made in the UK for the 2023 lineup. Whether you’re sailing the seas or cruising the countryside, this TV is your lightweight companion for endless entertainment.

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LG Smart operating system with WebOS Hub.
Suitable for 12v supply, also works on mains supply.
Ability to download apps like Disney+, Netflix, Apple TV+, Prime Video, Paramount+, BBC iPlayer.
UK-based customer service for Cello TVs.
Bluetooth connectivity for peripheral devices.
Multiple connections: 3 HDMI ports, 1 Optical port, 1 RF port, 2 USB inputs.
Suitable for use in caravans, motorhomes, boats, and HGV vehicles.
Freeview Play included with 100 channels and 20,000 hours of on-demand content.
Compatible for wall mounting (100mm x 100mm bracket not included).
12-volt car connector with built-in regulator for voltage fluctuations (10V to 27V DC).

Most Portable 12v TV

Garsent Digital TV Portable

Introducing the Garsent Digital TV Portable, a top choice for the ‘Most Portable 12v TV’. This nifty little TV, with its 12-inch screen, is the perfect travel companion for those who love to be on the move. It’s not just small and easy to carry; it’s also equipped with Freeview, so you’re never short of things to watch. Need more? It supports USB ports and SD/MMC cards, making it versatile for all your media needs. Whether you’re in your campervan, or enjoying the comforts of your motorhome, this TV fits right in. Specially designed for 12v systems, it’s a motorhome enthusiast’s dream. Compact, convenient, and ready to go wherever the road takes you.

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It’s a car digital TV compatible with 1080P analog, digital TV, and ATV.
Features a 12-inch LCD monitor with 1080P high resolution for clear images and videos.
Includes a high sensitivity tuner for improved signal reception and stable playback.
Allows recording of HD TV programs onto a USB device or hard drive.
Equipped with two 32mm round speakers for surround sound.
Supports multiple external sources including AV input/output, SD and MMC cards, USB devices, HDMI ports, and VGA ports.
Comes with a 1800mah rechargeable lithium battery for outdoor use.

Best Overall 12v TV for Motorhome, Campervan or Caravan

Introducing the Avtex W215TS, the ‘Best Overall 12v TV for Motorhomes or Caravans’. This 21.5” Smart TV is a marvel of modern technology, tailored for life on the road. Its super slim LED design is not just about looks (and it does LOOK GREAT); it’s about space-saving efficiency in your motorhome or caravan. With versatile power options (12v, 24v, 240v), it’s ready for any adventure.

The Full HD display ensures crystal clear viewing, while built-in Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity keep you linked to your favourite digital content. Plus, with a built-in Freesat Satellite Decoder, you’re all set for a wide range of satellite channels. Whether you’re parked by the lakeside or cruising the open road, the Avtex W215TS is your gateway to top-notch entertainment.

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Full HD Smart TV with built-in HD satellite decoder for clear and detailed visuals.
Access to streaming services like Netflix, Amazon Prime, Disney+, iPlayer, ITVX, Sky Store, YouTube (Freeview Play not included).
Ultra-compact, frameless design with clear sound quality.
Built-in Wi-Fi for additional channels; can also use regular aerial or satellite dish without extra equipment.
Wireless casting feature compatible with Apple (iOS) and Android devices for sharing photos and videos.
Includes DVBT & DVBT2 tuners for aerials and DVB-S & DVB-S2 tuners for satellite dishes.
Operates on 12v / 24v DC or 240 volts AC, designed for low power consumption.
Comes with a 3-year manufacturer’s warranty.

Motorhome and Caravan TV Bracket Anti-Shake

Exactly what it says on the tin, this TV bracket will secure your 12v Motorhome TV to the wall!

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Bluetooth Speakers for your 12v TV

One of the most common complaints of TVs for your Motorhome or Caravan can be tinny sound. Sometimes switching the sound setting to “Movie” or another setting can improve the sound. A relatively cheap and easy way to improve even further is to invest in a Bluetooth soundbar!

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Upgrade Existing 12v TV to Smart TV

Upgrading your existing 12v TV to a Smart TV can be easily achieved with the addition of a Firestick. Amazon offers options like the Fire TV Stick Lite and the Fire TV Stick 4K, both of which can transform your regular TV into a smart entertainment hub. The Fire TV Stick Lite, is a budget-friendly option that provides access to a wide range of streaming services and apps.

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For those seeking a higher resolution experience the Fire TV Stick 4K, offers enhanced picture quality and more robust performance. Both models are compatible with 12v TVs and come with Alexa Voice Remote, making it easy to search content, play music, and control your TV with voice commands. This upgrade is a simple and effective way to enjoy smart features without the need to replace your current 12v TV.

Exploring the 12V Smart TV for Motorhome

What makes a 12V TV ‘Smart’?

Delving into the world of 12V Smart TVs, we first need to grasp the ‘smart’ aspect. A “smart” TV is internet-enabled. Rather than merely serving the purpose of displaying television programs, it can stream videos, surf the web, and run a multitude of apps, similar to a smartphone or tablet. It’s equipped with an operating system (OS) distinctly optimized for simple, on-screen navigation, which is orchestrated by a remote control, keyboard, or voice commands.

With the evolution of technology, smart TVs, including the 12V variants, are no longer restricted to high-end models but have become mainstream due to their advanced features and convenience. They provide on-demand content and services, such as Netflix, Amazon Prime, and YouTube, enhancing the overall user experience.

We ought to say that “smart” in the context of a 12V TV is a combination of seamless internet access, numerous applications, and efficiency of power, unique to the needs of a motorhome or campervan setup.

Benefits of having a Smart TV in your Motorhome

Outfitting your motorhome with a 12V Smart TV might seem like a luxury, yet, it’s a strategic move that brings a plethora of benefits. One prominent advantage being access to unlimited content wherever your journey takes you, as long as you have internet connectivity.

Recreational vehicles and campervans are about comfort and convenience. Having a 12V Smart TV in your motorhome augments doors to binge on your favourite series, catch up on current events, or even stay connected with online communities during rest periods. Essentially, it’s your compact yet potent entertainment hub on wheels.

Moreover, a 12V Smart TV offers more than just entertainment. Several models come with features like Wi-Fi, HDMI, and USB ports which allow it to double as a device for browsing the web or throwing a quick glance at your email. Hence, equipping your motorhome with a 12V Smart TV grows beyond mere recreational comfort, enhancing your connection with the outside world minus the compromising travel experience.

motorhome 12v tv

Our Motorhome TV Setup

I’ve got to tell you, fiddling with aerials and lugging around bulky satellite dishes just isn’t my cup of tea. So, I’m absolutely chuffed with using Firesticks on both our TVs to Smart’en them up (see what I did there HAHA)! With internet access being pretty much everywhere these days, I’ve never had to bother with tuning the TVs or wrestling with a satellite dish.

We’ve got a couple of different SIM cards, so if one’s got a better signal, that’s the one we stream from. Plus, our trusty MiFi unit holds an extra SIM, and depending on where we’re parked, we might switch to another brand of SIM that’s got better coverage in that area. The best part? The MiFi lets us connect multiple devices, so we don’t have to keep one phone glued to the van.

Imagine the horror if we didn’t have a signal and Beef was all set for his Cocomelon fix – can’t let that happen, can we?

Best 12v TV – You Decide

And there we have it, folks – our grand tour of the best 12V TVs for motorhomes and caravans in 2024. From the tech-savvy smart TVs to the budget-friendly wonders, we’ve covered a range that suits every type of traveller and every kind of adventure. Whether you’re in it for the high-definition movie nights, the ease of a built-in DVD player, or the sheer joy of streaming ‘Strictly’ in the middle of nowhere, there’s something here for everyone.

So, as you gear up for your next journey, consider giving your travel experience an upgrade with one of these fantastic 12V TVs. After all, exploring the world doesn’t mean you have to miss out on the comforts of home. Safe travels and happy watching!

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